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  1. LadyRaven, you sent a poem I think? And then I asked how you became a fan, and I added what you said in response under the poem. I think that was you.

    Typically if you didn't get a reply from me then I was unable to use your message because I ran out of room, but if your email was broken down you may have missed my reply. If you remember how you signed your message or anything you said I might remember it. I had to read them lots of times while I was formatting the document so I usually remember a specific line or two from quite a number of messages - for now! I am sure my memory will start to fade because there were over 600 messages in the book.

    Don't be concerned about grammar or other errors. The errors gave them a lovely personality. I didn't change any of them, I printed them exactly as they were sent. I had a guy from Slovakia I think who wrote, "Thank you Jimmy for all your wonderful composting." LOL...it's so sweet and if I had changed it, it would have lost it's heart. They were lovely as they were, errors and all. It made the book feel alive. It does have a definite presence this book.

    I also took pictures of the whole process of putting the book together and included them in the book so it is a complete historical document. Terry let me do some things for the book - I sewed in the last few pages, I drew the dragon for the cover...I helped here and there. The book was made to a medieval spec, and everything on it was hand crafted. I enjoyed watching the process a lot.

  2. I'm not sure another one of these would work. It is something that is hard to top, or even equal, and I definitely have to wait for my bank balance to recover! ;)

    But I do have a few ideas that may work when we hit another milestone in Jimmy Page Wonderfulness. I shouldn't have to wait long for that... :D

  3. Thanks. It makes me so happy people like it. I did have doubts about it because handing something over to Mr Amazing in Every Way is daunting to say the least, but Terry made it lovely.

    Absolutely no way will I give this to Jimmy myself. I wouldn't do it if it was offered. Having to deal with a fan he doesn't know or having to rearrange his busy schedule wouldn't be much of a gift for him, that would be a gift for me, and this isn't about me. It's a thanks to him and I don't want it to be anything else.

  4. You are in the book if I replied to you and said I used your message. I think I replied to everyone. It was only the last couple of weeks I was having to refuse people because I was out of room. It broke my heart though...I still get messages for it now! I got 10 this week alone.

    The spine has Jimmy's initials on it. He used it on Outrider. It's clever as it is reads the same any side up.

  5. Thanks everyone for being so sweet about the book. I am glad to hear that people like it. I wish I could take it around and show it to everyone, it's even more spectacular than the pics can show. Terry did an amazing job bringing my idea to life.

  6. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.

    What stunning craftsmanship on the cover and binding.

    I wish I had been around when you asked for submissions.

    I do too! I didn't get much response from threads. I had to search out Jimmy's fans and make contact with them directly by email or find them in the streets (lots of folks advertise with tshirts!) or record shops to get the messages. For some reason threads yielded up mostly sarcasm. I'd say of the several thousand I received, only around 200 or so came from someone reading about it in a thread. I guess it is hard to take people seriously sometimes on message boards, but I was serious. :D It was only towards the end of the deadline I suddenly got flooded with messages, and by then I had way too many to include them all.

    Terry Buckley is an amazing bookbinder. The Chairman of Coke is a fan of his work and sends him gifts every year as a thanks for the work he does for him. I was so lucky when I found him and he agreed to do the book. He worked on it with a lot of dedication and was even doing work on it Christmas day. I photographed the whole process of making it, and included those pics in the back of the book so Jimmy can have them. It's a fun process to watch. We had quite an adventure putting it together over the months - he let me do some of the work myself. :)

  7. I want to write a message. :( Still though, great work man. This is a truly amazing thing that you're doing. Keep us informed.

    I'm so sorry, but it's all finished now. I will keep you all informed I promise.

    But seriously what I did is not so amazing. It's just a thanks. Jimmy's music means a lot to me and helped me through hell when I was growing up. HE is the amazing one. To be able to communicate so much to people through music and make them happy is truly a fantastic gift. He gave me and so many others a song when we didn't have our own, and I'm really very grateful to him.

  8. I don't have the text anymore, I wiped it from my computer when it was all printed. So much of Jimmy's life is public, so I thought it would be nice if this was one copy of one, for him alone. And quite a number of the people who sent messages asked that no one else read them, as they had personal stories to share about how they felt helped by his music, so I have to honor that and not make the text available. With all the messages I received I simply couldn't keep track of who requested privacy, so I just made it all private.

    How much did it cost...well, let's just say A LOT. But if you make a gift for Jimmy Page, it has to be the best you can possibly get, and believe me, you couldn't get a book any finer than this one. I didn't think there would be much point in doing it unless I really pushed the boat out.

    I am still working on getting it to someone that can pass it on to him. This in itself is an absolutely fascinating process. I think I could write my own book on just this aspect alone. Suddenly people who claimed to know this and that person are all silent. It's bewildering. But I am pretty sure the person working on it for me will be able to do it. It's a bit like negotiating for the UN I think... :blink:

  9. Wow...it certainly was a big surprise for me when I got here and everything was totally different! Since the old thread is gone, here is what it was about...

    Last year I commissioned a book for Jimmy and asked fans to contribute a message to it. It is now finished, and it was a big success. I included about 600 messages from 42 countries around the world. I actually received many many more than that, but 600 was all I could fit. People answered different questions for me, so the book is not a boring read with everyone saying the same thing. It really is very entertaining!

    The book was built to last for at least 500 years with all the craftsmanship and quality that went into making it. It also contains hidden messages that will be found when it needs repair in a few hundred year's time, and other fun things that are built into the book. I didn't want it to be dull, so dull it isn't!

    The book is on the book binder's website - this man has made books for the Queen and Prince Charles, so that should give you an idea of what it is like. If you would like to see pics, you can go here: http://www.bookarts.co.uk/examples.htm

    Thanks so much to everyone here who sent a message. :D

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