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  1. Hey Yall, One Month and Three Days since I placed my order, and nothing has arrived yet. i did call them this AM, and they said they had my order in the system, and asked if I could give it til the end of this week for it to arrive. They apologized, and noted that for some reason, the international orders had been trickling out.
  2. I ship packages on an almost daily basis, and have experienced no usual holiday slowness in the past two weeks... Except of course my mysterious Led Zep Merch Pack... No Confirmation Mail, No Replies to Emails.. Is this any way to do business?
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks so much for the updates! it does my heart good to know that people's stuff has shown up, and that some people have been getting "bonus" items as well, which is most likely accidental, but is a nice karmic balance. Mine has not yet shown up, but I really hope it is ANY SECOND now.. The crazy part is, once I have the stuff in hand, as wacky as this has been, I wouldnt be opposed to buying more stuff. One compliment I wanted to pay all of you was that I applaud the sense of "Community" and friendship that are present here on these forums. I've always found "Fan Forums"
  4. Hey All, Thanks so much for your responses... Good to know the shirts are starting to trickle out.. I ordered program's as well, so hopefully they all come at once. I will say that the only negatives of this entire experience (Reunion show) were: 1) the poorly run ticket pick up windows. I went the day before the show as advised in the email, and stood around forever without the lines even moving due to how poorly it was organized. Last names beginning with Letters A-B HAD TWO lines to accomodate them, while last names like "F,G,H,I" were bunched into one line. Horrible. 2)The Mer
  5. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I'm really worried that I didnt recieve a confirmation email...But since they charged my card, I'm assuming everything is OK as they obviously got my order.....I copied the order confirmation screen, so I know the exact costs and exactly what I ordered. I emailed them once each day since the order was placed...No Response of any kind. No matter how busy they are, it's very poor customer service to not respond in anyway. They could at least have an autoresponse that says "Thank you for writing, due to whatever we will not be able to reply for 7-10 days or
  6. I thought I was the only one. I took mine off this morning, as some of the ink was starting to wear off. I went to Amsterdam after the show for 5 nights, and I figured I would see other people wearing it, or it would be a conversation starter, but no one but me was wearing it.
  7. Hi all, i was one of the lucky ones who got to see the show at the 02. It was awesome. Great Time! The merch lines were so dreadful at the 02, there were signs and staff encouraging people to buy merch online from the official tribute site, so I literally went back to the hotel direct from the show, and ordered a bunch of merch for me and my friends/Family. I haven't gotten anything yet (the merch or a confirmation email) Did anyone else order merch online? Did anyone get their stuff yet? Did you get a confirmation email of your order? I didnt get an email confirmation of my orde
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