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  1. That's crazy alright! :lol:

    I've always said i am to chocolate what a heroin addict is to heroin i mean i can go a couple of days but after that watch out. But at least i can get my "fix" for a buck or less!! :lol:

  2. WOW I'm a guy who is definatly into to women but i was gonna post a comment on the heartbreaker solo so this is kinda crazy that i check out this thread and thats what you ladies are talkin about, so thats cool! Anyway i f*ckin love that solo its what made me want to start playin guitar in the first place, and the f*cked up thing to me is the solo is kinda sloppy and incoherent yet it just wreaks of balls and attitude, it is one of the most beautiful things to have ever touched my ears, I just cant say enough about how much i love that solo!!!!!! :thumbsup:

  3. The other day we had no chocolate and no money so i dug threw the couch cushions for some change, i couldn't find any change but i did find a piece of a hersheys almond and a syringe and it was then i did thee unthinkable! BY the way those almonds really hurt goin thru your vains!!! :lol:

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