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  1. Ahh yes i prefer the ozzy years paranoid, iron man, war pigs, all just classic. I really liked children of the grave the original version i some how dont recall ever hearinf it just the live version off tribute.

    I have an old black sabbath casette called the eternal idol its actually pretty descent. tony martin is the singer does anybody have this or remember this!

    Also not a big fan of the dio years, i loved the lord of the rings, but i'm not into a hobbit fronting a metal band!!! B)

  2. I love to read what people HATE !!! :lol:

    just like I love to read what they love.

    I can't pick ONE single band or performer I hate.....but plenty come to mind...many I'd get bashed in the head over ..by some of you here.

    I hate hair metal, with few exceptions (Van Halen)...I hate Boston, Styx, Journey (Steve Perry era), REO, much of the revered 'classic rock'...even though I have my own collection entitled "Guitar Rock"..by the Time Life series...but it's selective. I burnt the stuff I liked from my friends 10 disc collection. I was into progrock and progjazz during that Nugent/Foreigner/Journey era.....I didn't like FM rock hardly at all in the mid to late 70s...

    Heresy you say ? Maybe...I do like some of it as i said...

    I hate Donna Summer/Bee Gees type disco...but I love the FUNK style incorporated into disco....

    I couldn't give a rats ass about alot of OLD PEOPLE type of songwriter shit either.....sorry Jahfin...but stuff like Jimmy Buffett and parrotheadDUMB !!!!! I HATE IT !!!!! BARF !!!!!!!!

    Don't bore me !! I'm NOT OLD !!!! that to me appeals to the Budweiser boring crowd !!!!!

    I may think of others...but I'd really rather fucking NOT...

    I hear ya joel even though i like the bands you said you don't, you seem to have what i have, i think, tell me if you agree, i call it picky ear syndrome, my tastes waiver towards hard rock and metal yet i really dont care for alot of so-called hardrock or heavy metal bands. ITs like it appeals to me and i crank it or its cheesy and kinda stupid and that mind set sorta seems to me is where your at! :o

  3. YES that works but also if you drink enough that your still buzzed in the morning you can eat and take some aspirin that also helps avoid the hangovers.

    i remember thse daze, sort of! :P

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