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    Basically spend my days either sitting in front of the computer immersing myself with both zeppelin music and information, lounging in my room listening to zeppelin, or laying in front of the tele with a live zeppelin DVD playing. I would go as far as to say that approx. 98% of all that I do is somehow zep related, or I find a way to involve the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME
  1. I certainly hope the answer is yes to both of those. And even if it's not new material, they could easily release a new album just of stuff they left in the vault (take me home, sugar mama etc.) You know, the stuff you only hear on those crappy bootlegs. I would be happy to pay money for a version of those songs which doesn't sound like they recorded a mile away from the mics. Nice clean sound would pump new life into them i'd say
  2. I've never heard that particular remark and yeah, i think there are more of us And i would be pretty surprised if there were any huge led heads out there from the middle east. but hey, prove me wrong i guess
  3. Zep I is what most people think of automatically (at least I do). When talking about zeppelin, it just seems like that's the one album they always use (probably because IV doesn't have the words "Led Zeppelin" on it)
  4. Well i certainly hope that it's true. And i also certainly hope they come to Chicago or somewhere else close to Northwest Indiana
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