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  1. Hi guys, After the great responses I got following my question on Robert's silver shoes, I decided to ask another. Does anyone know why Robert and Jimmy decided to call their 1994 collaboration "No Quarter"? I read an interview where a journalist asked this question and Robert said it was for the obvious reason and when the journalist looked blank, Robert said something like, "well you're as clever as us so you know..." But I think me and the journalist have something in common as I don't know what he meant either.... has he or Jimmy ever explained more fully that anyone can remember?
  2. I can't find the quote I am looking for which refers to Robert stalking round his farm with a shotgun, paranoid and convinced there are journalists round every corner, but here is one about how he felt about his drug use at the time of Karac's death, from rolling stone Aug 10, I think it was last year. "Addiction to powders was the worst way to see yourself, a waste of your time and everyone's time, you make excuses to yourself why things aren't right or about what's happening to your potential. You lie to yourself first and rub your nose later. It was time to get out."
  3. He does, I read an interview fairly recently where he said just that. I love it too, but his musicians apparently didn't. I think that has been mostly true for the latter part of his life, but at first he did things like the coke commercial, he started talking to the press, I think he felt like he had to be commercially successful without Led Zeppelin to prove to himself that he could. Later, when he had proved it, it wasn't so important maybe. It was him that said it, not me. I will see if I can find the interview for you, though I probably can't, I'm never too good at f
  4. Thats what I think, right. He has said as much several times. I am referring to what he said once about himself following his son's death. He stopped taking everything after Karac died, he said it put everything into perspective and he no longer wanted substances to rule his life, or words to that effect. He said he saw himself for what he was suddenly, he was paranoid at the time and convinced he was being stalked by reporters and he didn't like what he saw, so he went back to his family and threw away the drugs and has never looked back. I think it was thrust upon him in a
  5. It is interesting to hear this point of view that it is Jimmy's band, or was Jimmy's band, though I have heard it a lot. I have never that I can recall read anything or heard anything that quotes Jimmy referring to it as such, apart from at the very beginning when he formed it. I doubt that Jimmy would have said Bonzo was in HIS band, it was equal and each member brought something unique to it., it was THEIR band. Jimmy comes across as a very humble guy regarding these issues, I do not think he believes he is any more entitled to the band than Robert is. Whether or not Jimmy, John Paul and Jas
  6. Right. and they were from the days when robert was content to have flat shoes, relying on his six ft something frame to tower over people. Jpj's shoes are pretty amazing there. Wonder if he could walk in them?
  7. Here are some more pictures of those silver shoes which I've decided are THE silver shoes but as you've noticed, the photographer wasn't focusing on his feet, seems to be have stopped at his knees mostly on the other ones.....
  8. Thanks so much for looking all of you. I had a look through the photos on this website and there are quite a few of the loafer silver shoes that someone posted a photo here of, so I may have mistaken one of these for ballet style shoes as they are flat enough if you can't see the heel and on the pic that Lynn posted, they look rather like I remember. I may still find my shoes, but for now I will accept that they are the ones posted.... Anything to keep sfmbaby happy......
  9. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a picture of silver shoes Robert wore in early zep. As far as I remember they were like ballet pumps, flat anyway. I thought they had pom poms but the only thing I can be sure about is that they were silver. They came up in conversation with a friend and I'm hoping someone can prove to her that I'm not going mad. Thanks in advance.
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