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  1. Plant and Page Got to say 1970 to 1972. Loved the immagrant song, acoustic sets, great WWL medleys plus the sound Jimmy playing and Plants voice where peaking. Bonham and Jones 1973 TO 1977 The rythem section was a force as the band became a blotted Super group.
  2. 69 everything all good all the time 70 everything all good all the time 71 everything all good all the time 72 Immigrant Song, Dazed 73 SIHBLY, Heartbreaker>WLL 75 No Quarter 77 Song Remains the Same>Rover, No Quarter, Achillies 79 In tthe Evening There are exeptions all the time.
  3. This is classic Neil, he is like a 16 year old not afraid to give it. Jimmy sorry to say not so much this night, but Robert feeling the energy and realizing Neil is kicking ass has too step up. Being a Canuck and from Neils hometown Ommee I love the way he rocks.and contiunes to play like its the first time.
  4. Neil Young rocking it with the boys at the HOF gig. Its so good.
  5. Too bad if it does close, many great shows from this ole stone house. Loved the Peral Jam opening for Janes Addiction, and the Bad Brains and Slayer Motorhead combo even Metallica Ride the Lightning Tour so many great shows...
  6. little out of it here, noticed the O2 shows pulled from Dime and new something was up with a official release. Cool!!! now if they wouldonly tour...
  7. Mapper


    just got a copy of the 4th on video and man its great , they are like school kids on stage at first day of school (nervous),when i was about 11 my bros had about 6 huge posters from these shows in the early 80's and at night listening to zep i could only imagine. damn its nice to have this video. get them both if you do not already have them.
  8. Sorry off topic a little the next will most likley be a 1975 but a couple sdb jewels I would love to see surface: The complete Toronto Sept 4, 71, Montreux Aug-08-09, 71, Montreux Oct-28-29, 72 and while we are it how about London Wembley Nov 20-21, 71
  9. For under appreciated I am thinking St. Mathew's Baths Hall, Ipswich, England or something like Leceister University November 25th 1971. Soundboards of this tour would rule in my book. The set list, the length of the Dazed, and the over all vibe from the small rooms they played.
  10. Good news here, Since I've Been Loving You 1975 not to many of these... Cannot what until the flacs show up also...
  11. Was check' out some lossless at a site and read this about "Mike the Mike Millard" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mike was a good friend of mine. We met at a Crosby, Stills & Nash ticket sale at the Forum in March 1977, and he was unable to get tickets. I managed to score some 6th row center floor seats, and traded an extra ticket for a Yes, Tull, Zeppelin and Floyd recording. Best trade I ever made, as we remained friends for many years. Mike was not physically handicapped, and the chair was a prop. He sat on the Nak 550 on the way in, and had a bag he would say had a change of clothes in, just in case he "soiled" himself. Who would ever say no to that? Upon entering the building, I would wheel Mike into the handicap stall , where he would cable up the AKG's in his racer hat. He would swap the clothes for the Nak, and we were off to the seats. When he was in a decent spot in the hallway, he would just "get up", and walk to the seats (always in the first 8 rows or so, dead center. He knew a little of the PA would blow over, but the sound was so compressed, and there was way less chatter up near the stage. Besides, MM always had a few pennies to let the more annoying "clappers", "yellers", lead singers, and the dreaded "woooers" know they needed to pipe down. His tapes were more live sounding than many released live albums. Not realizing what an honor it was at the time, Mike asked me if I would like to ride the chair into the 4-15-78 Genesis show at the San Diego Sports arena. Little did I know 30 years later, that I would be able to share some of the experience with like minded music lovers. Just for the record, Mike did take his own life around Thanksgiving in 1993. Rest in peace, Mike, you're in a better place, and your labor of love lives on. No one profits from it in this ideal setting. I am quite sure "Mike the Mike" would approve." wharfrat92630 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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