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    busy being a mum
  1. zeppelin79

    Who is this?

    It seems this is Plant and someone, is it his daughter carmen? Someone else mentioned a 80's wedding picture, maybe it's this?
  2. well, I can hope he's psychic...it's the only way he's going to see me back there....
  3. It's not impossible he'll play in Norway again. He's been here many times before. Ahhh....it's really difficult to make up my mind...
  4. There's a Plant&Krauss consert in Oslo in may, and I would like to go. But I can only get bad seats, way back. Should I go anyhow? Would you? How much has the seating got to say?
  5. I'm 28 Fell in love with Led Zeppelin in my childhood. My dad was a true hippy
  6. I really don't understand Trampeled Underfoot? Apart from that I'll have to listen to all my albums again to really deside whitch 5 I like the least. There is one song though that I have a love/hate relationship with and that is "all of my love" Aren't there any "my 5 favourites" thread?
  7. I was sitting, to the left way up.....wish I had binoculars In may I'm planning on going to see Plant and Allison Krauss, just need a babysitter (please God let my mum be available for babysitting)
  8. ahhhh....how to describe.... Unfortunately I had a really bad seat, and that was disappointing. I guess the sound must have been much better if I weren't seated so high and far to the side. But my main feeling of it all was amazing. Just to be there :wub: Kashmir blew me away! Roberts voice in my opinion is still amazing. I have seen Robert live in a small consert here in Norway and that was fantastic. I could almost reach him with my hands. A profound memory
  9. I'd just like to say HI to you all! This seems like a great forum. Hope I'll have time to hang around I was at the O2 10th of desember. I cryed, sang and have beein thinking of it since. What a great experience for a Led Zeppelin fan. I'm surely one lucky girl
  10. What a funny thread! I'm new to this forum but already loving it here. And to Robert, John and Jimmy (if you're here) : Thank you for that great feeling and a passionate way to music
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