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  1. I've heard rumors of it being the Cult. I'd love to see William Elliot Whitmore support as well. Check him out. http://www.myspace.com/whitmorewilliamelliott http://www.williamelliottwhitmore.com/
  2. RIGHT!!! Possible break through I contacted Even Merchandising on Tel: 020 8208 1166 (UK) and they were very helpfull. You give them your details and they see all of your oder information. I told them I was till missing a few items and they said they would e-mail me tomorrow with news on the whereabouts of my items. If the items are non trackable then replacements will be sent out ASAP. The guy on the phone also told me that due to the inredible volume of orders it's taken ages for everything to trickle through. Not enough man power. He also apologised for the delay. Hope this h
  3. Slightly off topic but last night I met Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden at a Pig Iron gig in Camden Town! Stoked. Back on topic, running in Robert Plant or any of the band for that matter in New Orleans would be the dream scenario. I don't think I'd be as excited about Brad and Angelina though....
  4. I have had the pleasure of meeting John Paul Jones. I was fortunate enough to attend the o2 gig and even more fortunate to get into the after party (not the ingo2 event but the back stage drinks). My good friend's mother happens to work for Robert. Anyways after moseying around a very dimly lit and otherwise boring post show drinks I see a few people huddled by the entrance. I walk over to find a load of american record comany exectuives and John Paul Jones himself. I couldn't believe it. It was a bit akward for me. I was clearly out of place (Led Zep t-shirt, Long hair, Jeans etc) st
  5. I agree with 99% of people that Kashmir really was the mutts nuts. The best thing was I had completely forgotten about it being so excited by each song played so when the band kicked into it it knocked the air out of me. Fantastic work. It really was epic. On a personal note I am a huge fan of Trampled Underfoot so it was nice to see that live and of course No Quarter was great.
  6. A tour would be great but I'm quite keen on the idea of a residency. As stated before in this thread they could change the set list from night to night, add an acoustic set etc But the question is where they would do this? I think it's clear that MSG in NY would be an obvious choice to house our boys for few nights but where else would they play? Staples Centre in LA for the west coast? Would they return to the o2 for a few dates? Earls Court? (Being a Londoner I hope so!!) I could also see them playing a couple of dates at Wembley Stadium.
  7. ATTENTION!!! PEOPLE WITH EXTRA MERCH!!!! ......sort us out will ya?! share the love.
  8. I wouldn't know. My t-shirt is still to make an appearance. Fingers crossed it'll arrive soon!!!
  9. ......in your opinion. Isn't this a tour rumour thread rather than a Michael Lee Vs. Jason Bonham thread?
  10. The best Zep cover I have heard in years is 'Cave In' doing Dazed and Confused. Try and check this out if you can it's epic to say the least. You can find it on YouTube and is quite easy to find via download. It's also available on their Japanese Import of the 'Moons of Jupiter EP' I know many people have mentioned it on here already but Tool's take on No Quater is also fantastic. Godsmack on the other hand I have no time for. I throw in the same kind of pile as the Nicklebacks of this world. I didn't like the cover either. Different strokes I spose.
  11. I can't see the band letting anybody but Jason behind the kit. As much as I am a fan of Dave as a musician and a person, there is no need for him to take Jason's place. It doesn't seem right. Mind you that article also strikes me as B.S. media spin. As the time old saying goes; If it ain't broke.......etc
  12. A little late but here are my offerings. Enjoy. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=22811&id=615126706
  13. I agree with this point. I have been e-mailing them to no avail as well. It's now the 1st Jan 2008 (Happy New year to everyone by the way!!) and no t-shirt. The merch company need to pull their finger out! If you guys and gals who are still missing your orders by tomorrow, it might be an idea call the number on the website. That's what I'll be doing. I'll stop moaning about it now. Cheers
  14. Hey Kev I did the same after returning from the gig. I have received my program that I ordered online but I have yet to receive the t-shirt or a confirmation e-mail regarding the merch. It's now Christmas eve and I have still not got anything in the way of a t-shirt. My only guess is that due to the incredible demand of both people who attended the o2 gig and people who didn't but are just wanting a piece of it, they have run out of t-shirts but are in the proccess of printing new ones. Mind you there is a contact number on the website which I will be contacting and giving them
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