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  1. I'm back there in spirit today to celebrate the anniversary of the gig! I think the DVD will have to come out tonight along with a bottle of red (I quit smoking some years ago). I suppose I should have spent lastnight on the motorway embankment to keep it authentic then started wandering through fields at 4.30am. Maybe age is against me a little now though Here's to the memories of 'the fires and the flags and the flames'
  2. And finally Zacron... Hope you enjoy them. Teedee
  3. OK, not sure if this will work as I've never used Photobucket before but here goes...
  4. Just uploading some photos from the reception. I'll post a link when they're available (hopefully).
  5. Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to Annie and co for the great reception and display. It was something of a pilgrimage for me to return to Knebworth as the last time was that life-changing show in 1979. This time I got to see the house! The concept that Annie has is indeed a great one, sharing our memories for a good cause and not keeping them locked away. I do hope that the idea can be moved forward and I know she would love to see this develop further. Hopefully support will continue and increase over time. Great to meet Zacron, what a lovely chap he is. A real 'Celebration Day' for all Led Zeppelin fans. I took some photo's which I'll check out and post somewhere when I get chance. Thanks Annie, you rock!
  6. I got asked last night to work on this gig but I'm touring with someone else so I can't make it Oh well I'll just have to get drunk instead!
  7. I have one called Z. Led Zeppelin Live Dreams by Laurence Ratner which has some excellent large photos in. There's a foreword by Dave Lewis which is spelled 'foreward' in the book. Not sure how much you'd pay for one now but I've not seen many around. Maybe someone else could help?
  8. I have an original TSRTS film poster which is rolled and was never folded. Has a few pin holes around the edge but in good condition for its age. Not sure I'd want to sell it but I would be interested to know what its value is, and the best way to store it!
  9. I was at the first Knebworth show, it changed my life forever.
  10. rogerthat is absolutely right (I'm also an engineer). Notching out a frequency isn't that simple and the monitor engineer would most likely have a rack of graphic EQ's not parametrics. The difficulty for him would be to identify not only the frequencies feeding back but also which specific speaker was the problem as each area would have its own EQ (floor wedges, sidefills, flown, backfill etc). If Mr Plant swung his mic past the rear wedge as the engineer is EQ'ing the sidefills he'd hear the squeak but not particularly know which speaker caused it if he didn't actually see it happen (he was looking at the graphic rack). Also if you take out too much then the tone of the monitoring will suffer and the artists will get a very dull mix, which they won't like as it will be very hard for them to hear what they need to. Most often it is higher and upper-mid frequencies that are the problem and these are the exact frequencies that a vocalist needs in their mix, take them out and you risk the wrath of the frontman! I've worked on shows where the monitor engineer can literally point the vocal mic into every speaker area without feedback but as soon as the vocalist appears they can magically induce feedback like no-one else. If they don't soundcheck this just compounds the problem and the arrival of the audience changes the ambience, temperature and humidity which all affect the sound in unpredictable ways. As far as out front sound goes, it's almost impossible to make everywhere sound good in any room, particularly large arena type spaces. We often get comments such as "the guitar's too loud and I can't hear the mandolin" to which we reply 'where are you standing?' " Oh, just in front of all those Marshalls!" Cheers
  11. I'm with Floyd on most of this. I don't think the tickets were particularly aimed at fans as the information was announced globally and I don't know the answer although the Glastonbury method sounds the best so far. If all of the members of this board were given exclusive details to buy tickets for an upcoming show but were told they had to keep it secret to prevent touts finding out, how many would be able to keep quiet? And how many 'extras' would you buy to sell on? Just playing devil's advocate!
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