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  1. I'm 45 yrs old and I knew Zepp at 14 at school from a fellow that brought me LZII, so then a shortcircuit burn my head. I put aside my records of YES, Purple, Beatles and became ZeppCollector for the rest of my life. Fortunatly we have a friend Tribute Band called HELIUM that fill our souls each concert with Zepp Songs. Zeppelin had planed to visit Argentina on 77 but that car crashed on Rodi Island killed our hopes. Now Argies only wait for another tour in order to have just the possibility to obtain new dvd material to enyoy. Over Argentina and..far away
  2. Barracuda-Heart The first time I listened it I realized that those girls were Zeppelin in female.
  3. The first time I heard LZ was at fourthteen years old in Argentina where I live, my class partner showed me LZ two, that was recently arrived to Arg. (1976) and I felt like all previously heard was leger and soft (YES, Beatles,..). It was something different, like music from other planet, like a hurricane straight to my mind and changed on me every way of think about the rock music. In that moment I became a ZeppCollector and today, 31 years after, I`m still so.
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