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  1. NME says that "World Peace One is in talks with many of the world’s top acts to stage a series of international concerts to bring peace to the world." This was probably the conversation: World Peace One: Would Led Zeppelin be interested in participating? LZ: No. Journalistic BS, as someone else has already suggested. While there may well be a series of (pointless) concerts as described, the acts being mentioned in the story are really just the usual suspects. Now, LZ are going to be thrown in with all such stories too, until they either go out on tour again properly, or officially state that there's not going to be anything more.
  2. Hi Knebby, Thanks for the info. It's good to know that, one way or the other, all the tickets were paid for in some way. I certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone in the band, or closely connected to them, some free tickets. But I think my basic point about celebrities and VIPs not paying directly for their own tickets is probably still valid, by and large - why bother taking your chances in the ballot when you can just call in a favour instead? Unfortunately many other members of the general public were not so lucky!
  3. Grohl may well fantasise about drumming for LZ, but it won't happen and he knows it. He's also a hell of a lot more gracious than anyone fanning these stories in the press. I guess it's because many of the journos are assuming that Jason played at the 02 ONLY because he's Bonham's son, and not because he's actually pretty good on the drums himself. Well said to whoever it was who pointed out the glaring fact that Grohl doesn't even play the drums in his own band, though he seems happy to pull out the sticks for anything that interests him (like Queens of the Stone Age, for instance). It'd be hard to imagine a 'superstar' like Grohl meekly sitting at the back thrashing away at his kit while LZ played in front of him, though I'm sure he'd be happy to do so. It'd be almost as bizarre as Billy Corgan living out his fantasies by joining New Order as a touring, non-singing extra musician...Hang on, that actually happened...
  4. So was it a charity benefit or the social event of the year? It sickens me to my stomach, reading about how many corporate VIPs and celebrities spurned the chance to actually watch LZ in action, instead opting to come and go to the many exclusive bars, or being so unfamiliar with the material that they simply left early (Mr Vic Reeves, fuck off and die, and take Naomi, Kate, and Chris Moyles with you!). How can it be a charity show when - I presume - the well connected celebrities and VIP guests didn't even have to pay for their tickets, whereas 'the general public' were expected to dig deep for the privilege of attending? How many tickets were actually allocated to the ballot, and how many were held back as freebies for the liggers and parasites? Everyone concerned should be utterly ashamed of this organisational shambles. An empty seat in the 02 that night could've been filled by any number of genuine fans, and not simply gifted to a celebrity who wouldn't even be able to name any of the band members. I'm pleased that so many real fans did make it to the show, even though plenty seemed to have to jump through all sorts of financial and logistical hoops. I admire you all for your dedication.
  5. As a 29yr old who's only ever seen LZ on recorded performances (and who failed to score any O2 tickets as well) I'd just be happy to see them in concert, period. Well, the O2 lineup is as close to the 'real thing' as we're likely to get now, but still. Three original members plus the son of the fourth is rather better than the band that dares to call itself 'The Who' (ie Townsend, Daltrey, and whichever session men happen to be available). So, if there is any future LZ activity, I wouldn't care what they played, or if there was any new material - I'd just like to see them, and that'd be enough. They wouldn't need any new songs anyway, when everybody would be there to hear the material that is already so familiar from the albums.
  6. Hello everybody, first post from someone else who was unable to get tickets for the O2! Much as I'd love to see a tour, I'm under no illusions as to its likelihood. Here's why: MONEY: I refuse to believe that this could ever be a motivating factor for any of the band members (even including Jason) - since LZ were unusually democratic in terms of songwriting credits, they must all be very rich men indeed. I would suggest that, since JPJ's entire post-Zep career and Robert's 90s / 00s output could be considered uncommercial and personal, they were already so financially comfortable in 1980 that they were able to pursue whatever paths they chose without having to worry about the accrual of wealth. What I'm trying to say is that throwing large amounts of cash at the band now is not going to want to make them go out on the road again, because they don't need it. (But, if they do, I'm sure the ticket prices will still be suitably extortionate.) ROBERT PLANT: In all honesty, I think that he's the only real stumbling block to any sort of reunion. Page has always been up for it, and JPJ has certainly been dropping plenty of positive hints in interviews as well. Presumably Jason would be happy to be involved as well. But Robert? I think that he enjoyed the O2 concert, perhaps more so than he was expecting to, but that's not enough. As I've already suggested, money wouldn't motivate him, and the opportunity of playing in front of huge stadium-sized crowds doesn't seem to attract him either. Why should it? He's done all that already, back in the 70s. His entire professional life from 1980 onwards seems to have been intended to escape LZ, so I find it hard to imagine him willingly stepping back into that world again. But I wish he'd shut the door completely and publically if that's his wish - otherwise, the rumours are uncontrollable.
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