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  1. Hey, Can anyone help me? I often like to tune to Bron-y-aur, Rain Song tuning, but i find that when i do it alot, my strings break is there any way to stop this? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! Dave
  2. I'm 15 and listen to Led Zep, Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, John Lennon
  3. There is CACGCE (low to high) used on Poor Tom, Bron-Yr-Aur and Friends The Rain Song was DGCGCD look here for loads of tunings with a tuner! www.howtotuneaguitar.org
  4. If that guy thinks Led Zep don't have emotion, just show him That's The Way
  5. Oh thanks very much I'm pretty good with fingerpicking, so that's no too much of a porblem, i can play Blackbird, Julia and Dear Prudence by the Beatles and now Bron-Yr-Aur Thanks again, I look forward to it!
  6. Hey guys, I can read tab but i'm far from an expert at it, I usually play acoustically, can anyone find or write me a Going To California Tab? I've looked on Ultimate-Guitar.com and I can't make sense of them, the shapes of your left hand I mean.. Please Thanks for reading.
  7. 1. Jimmy Page 2. John Paul Jones 3. John Bonham 4. Robert Plant
  8. I usually sit down with my acoustic
  9. Here's my attempt everyone! 1.Good Times,Bad Times Fantastic opener, the first thing that stikes you is the skillful and well-thought-out drumming of John Bonham at the beginning, this all comes with hard-hitting chords before a dramatic drum roll. Hard-hitting and loud, Jimmy's riff is another highlight of the song. 2.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Opening with a beautiful chord sequence on a nylon strung guitar, soon Robert joins in with the 'baby baby' lyrics and oozy voice. Soon the song becomes heavy with hard-hitting A minor chords, and clever dynamics. The guitar soloing is sim
  10. The main "non Mothership" song of III that really struck me, awesome song indeed. Other fantastic songs from III are That's The Way (one of my favourites) and Out on the Tiles!
  11. Hello, It's been bugging me for a while, can anyone tell me how to pronounce Bron Yr Aur? Thanks
  12. Voted What Is and What Should Never Be, I'm not suprised that Moby Dick came last. Worst on the album imo.
  13. Guys, I just got the email that my book has been dispatched, thanks for the help, ill let you know what i think when it comes!
  14. Thanks for the help guys, i just ordered: "The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin" by Dave Lewis.
  15. Hello, When I got into the Beatles, I aquired a copy of Revolution in the Head a book by Ian McDonald, it basically goes through each Beatles song giving detailed descriptions and quote, and facts of the track. Is there a Led Zeppelin equivalent?
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