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    Led Zeppelin, sewing, Led Zeppelin, animals, Led Zeppelin, Sitar, Led Zeppelin, oh, and some other bands like Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, The Doors, The Beatles, etc etc!
  1. aww! thanks much!

    good to see you here *and there* too! ;)

  2. Hi Lovely! Good to see you away from facebook!

  3. I had a close encounter on Plant and Pages Unledded Tour in Australia on the 25th Febuary 1996, I was 17. I went to the concert, and (not that I have to say, but) it was the best night of my life, as you can imagine. I know I'm not the only one, but I do feel like I am the biggest fan in the world. Anyway, after the concert I was with two friends walking back to the car, when, just around the corner of the Sydney Entertainment Centre, there's theis huge big white Limo parked on the side of the road and the Door was open. Oh My God, I thought to myself. It seemed to good to be true. As we approached the Limo, I thought "What will I say, what will I say?" I walked as slow as I could without looking stupid. I looked in the open door and I could see Robert and Jimmy's sillouette. BUT my brain was having as argument with it self. "Is it them?" "No it can't be!" "but it's them, what do I say" "don't be silly, as if it's really them". Although I really new it was them, I froze and kept walking, while kicking myself. I cried when I got home. It's my one and only regret in my life, except selling my Fender Strat (but I'm over that now). What would I say? I litteratly dreamed of meeting them for years up till that point. I thought they were fantacy dreams, but realise now they were trying to prepare me for my big dream come true moment. I still get angry at myself when I think about it, Like right now!
  4. My favourite covers are Led Zeppelin III, Physical Graffiti and my all time fave would be House Of the Holy. I love the pic, the colours and the whole feel of it!
  5. I have always tossed up who is the hottest, but I think overall, Jimmy is my fave! He's also still quite "doable" for his age. I'm loving his white hair!
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