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  1. Ok, you're calling me a kid and an idiot and you don't even know me. Granted, I said you were being an asshole; but this was because I thought you were taking a shot at me for God knows what reason. You said you were making a joke--that's fine. I didn't pick up your humor. I still have no idea what joke you were making and how it was related to the post I made--and I frequently use dry and subtle humor. But, hey, if you want to keep the mentality of "You didn't get my joke, you're a moron", then go right ahead.
  2. You've got to be kidding me. So you were commenting on what I put in my profile by replying directly to a post I made? That makes sense (<-this is sarcasm, by the way).
  3. Where did you find sarcasm? Maybe you should lighten up, guy. If I'd have been using sarcasm you'd have known. ...Yet another thread tarnished by someone being an asshole.
  4. I would have specified--just like I specified with the "Immigrant Song (HTWWW version"... But "Thank You"--studio or live--isn't on the list anyway... As concerns the other tunes mentioned, unless it says "live version", I am referring to the studio versions. Further, if you vote for a live song that isn't mentioned, then just vote "Other" and post a reply with your choice.
  5. I gotta disagree with you here. I can't say I'm a fan of the Thank You solo -- unless you're talking about the Thank You solo from the BBC Sessions, which should have been on the list.
  6. I suspected someone might say this. For my part, I did say that there were other solos I enjoy... But since it'll probably be a popular choice, I'll make the necessary edit. No edit after all. I would be surprised if the D & C solo is more popular than, say, the No Quarter solo...
  7. I did a search, but didn't find this topic... What's your favorite Zeppelin guitar solo? I tried to list the ones most memorable to me; there are several others I enjoy, but there's only so much room... Since I've Been Loving You seems to stand out.
  8. Great band. I especially like the songs Autumn Almanac and Apeman. ...but the air pollution keeps "foggin'" up my eyes...
  9. Thunder Road -- bruce springsteen
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