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  1. 16 hours ago, nemophilist said:

    I would agree. I'd also look at it this way.

    I-Physical Graffiti (so many different sounds, textures and vibes yet all very relative at the same time, also their most creative and energetic period).

    Then I'd piece Presence with ITTOD, which I consider their closing or their waning, I'd say this is because things become a bit more unfocused or less cohesive in terms of collective vision or effort. It doesn't mean they aren't good, they were just changing for various reasons that have been discussed. It seems that prior to this the band was all on the same page, I think that started to change (not dramatically) with presence, and then even more so in regards to ITTOD. It doesn't mean they didn't work well together, I think like I said some of them started to change in terms of vision and what they wanted their musical goals to be as artists due to various circumstances.


    yup, i definitely dont lump presence in with houses and pg, even though presence came out only a year after pg. robert's car accident after '75 tour really started the downward spiral. i dont think presence was quite as consistent as their earlier albums and it just had a different feel. 


    if you to go the youtube page theres some interesting comments from people who were there. anybody on here go to that show? they were definitely "on" that night, those 3 songs are all great versions. anyway 1 of the youtube comments is from someone who was sitting in the press box at the top of stadium. he says as soon as the band left the stage (after robert said theyd be back in 15 minutes) he saw a helicopter rise from behind the stage outside and he saw a part of jimmys dragon suit inside. who knows if thats true or not, but it seems pretty shitty if they left right away after saying theyd be back. the same guy also said led zep had a clause in their contract that if they play at least 15 minutes in an outdoor venue and something happens weather wise their contract is fulfilled. anyone know if all that is true????

  3. 15 hours ago, JohnOsbourne said:

    Probably not Styx or Journey clones, but they definitely would have reflected that milieu.  They probably wouldn't have been much different from Plant's solo work, perhaps a few more rockers had Jimmy managed to get clean.


    yea it all would have depended on jimmy, but i doubt they would have stayed together if jimmy continued to be a heroin addict, robert wasnt gonna continue down that road. if they stayed together assuming jimmy got clean i dont think we'd see another ittod. obviously thered be some influence of the times but it would have rocked alot harder than plant's solo stuff. 

  4. im probably in the minority but i prefer ittod over presence. i pretty much like every song on ittod, not a huge fan of candy store rock and tea for one is my least favorite led zep song. 

    i think if jimmy wasnt so whacked out on heroin ittod wouldnt have been so keyboard driven. if they stayed together in the 80s i seriously doubt they were gonna turn into styx or journey. 

  5. im 38, i got into led zep in early 90s when i was about 12 or 13. i was a casual music fan at that time, i actually liked rap, de la soul, arrested development, etc. and some of the 80s hair bands, poison bon jovi, etc. but wasnt music obsessed. anyway 1 afternoon im in my bedroom with my brother and he puts in a tape and these songs come on. 1 after the other it was the most incredible music id ever heard in my life. i had no idea who or what it was. i ask my brother "who is this"? he says "guess". i think i said billy joel haha. anyway he says led zeppelin. i couldnt believe it. i heard of them but thought they were just a heavy metal band. it was a led zep mix tape named "best of led zepp". i still remember that tape to this day, it basically changed my life. it was the same track list as the box set that came out in 1990 disc 1 and 2 give or take a few songs so someone must have made a copy of it for my brother. 

    my favorite thing about my discovery of their music is that i wasnt told about them or pre influenced to like them, like "check these guys out led zeppelin theyre 1 of the greatest bands ever". it literally could have been any band on that tape, i had absolutely no idea who it was, but i knew it was the greatest music id ever heard in my life up to that point. and it still is. 

  6. 2 hours ago, The Rover 75 said:

    All valid points, & I do agree. But wouldn't it have been cool to see more of the deeper tracks? I think we all would have enjoyed songs like Night Flight, The Rover & Down By The Seaside from PG, for an example? 20-25 mins of Dazed Confused is just overblown iMHO, don't get me wrong, I think it's a fantastic song, but 7 minutes or whatever the orig studio time, makes it a better track.

    I do think the Whole Lotta Love version on TSRTS is perhaps their best, so I do enjoy some jamming, just not all the time. lol


    agree 10000000%. half hour versions of dazed moby dick and no quarter just scream of overblown 70s bombast. i actually think led zep felt the same way since they dropped those songs for the '80 tour. 

    i would have no problem extending those songs live to 10-15 minute versions, but werent there 40+ minute versions of dazed? thats cray cray!

  7. 3 hours ago, JTM said:

    Those long things are part of the reason I like Led Zeppelin, without them I would be much less interested. It was twenty five minute Dazed and Confused(s) that whetted my appetite for more and more bootlegs


    im in the opposite camp. those long songs are part of the reason i dont listen to a ton of led zep boots, or at least skip the long songs. gimme a 10 minute version of dazed and confused and play 3 or 4 more songs over a 40 minute version of dazed. they still could have improvised and made each version different every nite without having to play a half hour version. 

    i do like the extended whole lotta love, but dazed no quarter and moby dick i rarely listen to live. 

    fire away! haha

  8. On 4/30/2017 at 11:49 AM, Mithril46 said:

    I'm so stupid I can't post this, but what of Bonzo's absolutely manic and powerful 6/21/77 intro to TSRTS ?? Sounds like

    he's channeling the gods.Only sounds silly if you dare to say that about others.


    that is the most insane drumming ive ever heard in my life. and its only like 10 seconds or whatever haha

  9. 59 minutes ago, ThreeSticks said:

    In addition to HHWCID, I don't know why Poor Tom was dropped in favor of Roy Harper. Heck I would've rather have put the Bronyraur instrumental on there to close the album in place of Roy Harper.

    not a big fan of poor tom, much prefer hats off. but hey hey is better than them both


  10. presence has really grown on me recently. for your life and royal orleans were songs i never really got that into but i really enjoy them now. ive always loved achilles nobodys fault and hots on. still not crazy about candy store rock and especially tea for one, that will always be my least fav zep song. 

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