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  1. 1. Whole Lotta Love 2. Stairway to Heaven 3. Since I've Been Loving You 4. Good Times Bad Times 5. Heartbreaker
  2. I thought Elise did an excellent cover of the song!
  3. Haley sounded great!!! Adam Lambert did Whole Lotta Love on his season 2 years ago and was really good, too!
  4. ya, especially since it's Jimmy Page's favorite Zepp song!
  5. I really liked it! I already knew most of Jimmy's background, but not that much about Jack White. I'm a big fan of the White Stripes. My favorite part was when Jimmy played Whole Lotta Love!
  6. I thought Adam deserved to win AI, but glad he doesn't have to actually be under their control, etc.! He is so good looking and I loved all of his performances! I liked Kris toward the last few weeks of the season and it was kinda cool that an underdog could win. I can't wait to buy Adam's CD and I would love to see him do a gig with Queen! I hope he sings some more Zepp songs when he does his solo tour.
  7. I loved his Mary J. Blige version of "One". Adam is awesome! Hope he wins, but if he doesn't he'll still be very successful!
  8. I agree that Adam will win! I like how he changes his style every week. He said he loves Led Zeppelin! He rocked Whole Lotta Love!
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