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  1. Thanks everyone. Think I'm going to order the Ritchie Yorke book. A recent pressing has been updated to cover the Plant\Page era. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...ER&v=glance
  2. Once I finish the book I am on now ('Raw Shark Texts' by Steven Hall), I want to read a Zeppelin biography. I read 'Hammer Of The Gods' several years ago and loved it. But all the reviews I read about now say it's much too "gossipy". So I ask: what is the best Zeppelin biography out there? The user reviews vary widly on all the books out there. I like reading about what influenced each song and album and what was going on in their lives at the time (fish fetishes aside).
  3. What about Dread Zeppelin? Their versions were very creative. "Heartbreaker (At the end of Lonely Street)" was great!!
  4. Ok, I have decided to buy the '94 Remastered versions. At least that way, if they do re-release them again I can have a side by side comparison. Plus, I can pick them up fairly cheap these days. On that note, has anyone noticed a difference, fidelity-wise between the 94 editions and the previous pressing on CD?
  5. I don't want to veer to far off from my original post. But do the processes mentioned above; mp3 'boosting' and 'loudness war' do the same thing as Normalizing? I always understood Normalizing as bringing the entire soundfile up together, so the lows stay at the same proportionate volume as the loud parts.
  6. Don't have the whole collection, just the 4CD Box Set 2CD, Remasters Set and 2CD Mothership collections (and SRTS DVD) By '94 Remasters. I mean the albums themselves, not the 2CD "Remasters" Set. I am merely wondering if there was any "Official" word on if they plan to re-issue each album in newly remastered form. Or if I should go and buy them all in their 94 remastered versions.
  7. When Zep released the Complete Studio Recordings Box Set in '93, I got rid of all my orignal LZ CDs. I didn't like the packaging of the Box Set and never bought the individuals again (no flaming please) (I had the 4 CD Set and the Remasters 2CD Set). With the release of Mothership and Song Remains The Same (both of which I bought) etc..., has there been anything official about re-issuing the individual albums again? Should I wait or buy the '94 remastered editions? I thought that the entire collection was remastered for the iTunes collection so it would only make sense to release them on
  8. I can't believe no one has mentioned Lez Zeppelin, the all girl LedZep tribute. I saw them last summer at Madeira Field in New Bedford MA and they rocked! Very impressive and faithful cover versions. Musically they are spot-on, vocally she hits the notes but definitely has her own voice. Great stuff! http://www.lezzeppelin.com http://www.myspace.com/lezzeppelin
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