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  1. I thought black dog was a built from a rolling bass riff from JPJ? or am I wrong?
  2. led zeppelin concerts went on for hours compared to the stones hour maybe hour and a half shows. the stones have been playing together forever. Zep hasn't played together since 1980. except for the 02 show which was one show 5 years ago. it takes a lot of work to get a band to be in sync with each other after not playing for so long it would take months for them to get it together. Zep had an energy that no one else had or has. that was part of the show with page and plant dancing around the stage. how long do you think a 69 year old could keep that up? then what the next show jimmy is
  3. I think it was the shortest and possibly the worst acccept for live aid or arms don't get me wrong I love zeppelin but this time around the solo didn't feel like it had any balls to it It was like a rehearsed solo
  4. The singer from wolfmother is also a guitar player I wonder what a LZ song live would sound like with 2 guitars
  5. No actually I agree with you 100% difficulty doesn't equal talent who's to say whats difficult anyway everyone plays there own way. Also I never said I think stones songs are easy. In fact I found some of their songs harder then some of Zeppelins. But the amount of creativity in some of Zeppelins stuff blows the Stones out of the water. Plus the sales numbers speak for themselves.
  6. my fav with the band has to be the ocean just hearing that drum beat lives makes me play better haha
  7. I like both bands but being a guitarist i know that led zeppelin was way more talented then the stones ever where or will be.
  8. I love the rain song im working on the live version with the EADADE tuning
  9. What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? The lead singer
  10. I dunno I think Jason would kick all there asses he looks like a pretty big dude.
  11. JPJ is a beast on bass on stuff like the immigrant song and black dog
  12. Sounds good for the most part but I don't feel any soul behind the singing. Maybe its because english isn't your primary language so you don't really know what your sayin?
  13. Damn its only 5 bucks next show on feb 9 i think ill check it out
  14. very fun indeed.Today I was playing the riff from ten years gone the little intro before the rythm so simple but sounds so good.
  15. Yep that why Led Zeppelin hasn't been in guitar hero. I wish they would though.
  16. I like the Rain Song too was just listening to a live version of it.
  17. where In NJ was this do they have a website? Im from south jersey and I would love to go to this if there still around.
  18. achilles last stand i think that was his favorite I like ten years gone
  19. Well if i was in band and we had a website id be going to it. not to mention if we had sold over 200 million albums. wouldn't you want to know what the fans where saying?
  20. Mine right now is from the O2 during Kashmir about 2 mins into it he lets out a long ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and the fans go nuts and u can see page laughing and smiling
  21. Plant almost dying in a car accident? Just a guess
  22. This isn't a zeppelin but my grandpa met Les Paul he said his house was filled with guitars on the walls he was asking my grandpa about some electrical stuff on guitar but my grandpa said he didn't know anything about guitars.
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