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    I like chess, music, nature, reading, and of course, writing.
  1. 10. I Can't Quit You Baby 9. The Ocean 8. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Black Dog 6. Bron Yr Aur Stomp 5. Stairway to Heaven 4. Since I've Been Loving You 3. Kashmir 2. Rock and Roll 1. Immigrant Song
  2. I've not been a Led Zeppelin fan long, but in a short time, they've become my favorite rock band. I like Led Zep for several reasons. First, I like more than a few of their songs, which is rare (for me)--I rarely like more than a couple of a band's songs. "Bron Yr Aur Stomp," "Black Dog," "Going to California," "Immigrant Song," "Kashmir," and "Stairway to Heaven" are my favorites, and I like several others. Second, they have colorful--and gifted--musicians. Jimmy Page, probably the most famous member of the band, is a guitar genius. He also had a wild side (like Plant). Finally, R
  3. I love "Black Dog," "Going to California," "Immigrant Song," "Kashmir," and "Stairway to Heaven," but "Bron Yr Aur Stomp" is my favorite.
  4. I agree: John Paul WOULD tell the real story. He probably has the fewest "skeletons," and IF he did drugs, I doubt he went to the well as often as Robert or Jimmy.
  5. Finally! I've been looking for a book about (or from) Robert. I'll post my thoughts after I've read it. I recently read a Jimmy Page biography, but it said little about their shows and tours. I wanted the lowdown on the wild times Led Zep had. Maybe I should've read "I'm With The Band."
  6. Excellent analysis! "Kashmir," "Since I've Been Loving You," and "Stairway To Heaven" are favorites of mine too, so I paid close attention to what you said about them. Unfortunately, I'm not musically fluent like you. So, if you find yourself with another bottle of Jameson, some Camels, and a fat one, I'd love to hear your analysis of "Bron Yr Aur Stomp" and "Immigrant Song." Thanks.
  7. These are my favorite BANDS (I've omitted individual acts): The Beatles, the Bee Gees, Black Sabbath, Bread, Captain and Tennille, the Carpenters, En Vogue, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses, Heart, the Isley Brothers, Jodeci, Journey, Mobb Deep, Nirvana, NWA, Queen, Public Enemy, the Roots, the Temptations, TLC, U2, Van Halen, and Wu Tang Clan.
  8. These are my Top Ten: 10. I Can't Quit You Baby 9. The Ocean 8. Since I've Been Loving You 7. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Black Dog 5. Going To California 4. Stairway To Heaven 3. Immigrant Song 2. Kashmir 1. Bron Yr Aur Stomp
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