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  1. Yup the oceans like my favourite song on there and I was desperately looking for it cuz i thought they missed it out lol
  2. Oh No! I've got the dvd aswell, but on the DVD in the Mothership box thingy there wasn't a chapter stopper thing when you get to the ocean, it just skips it so you have to fastforward to the ocean...ya get me?? Lol is it just mine?
  3. Oh...well I actually haven't seen shrek 3. I was just listening to IS one day and someone said "hey thats the song from shrek 3" and in a Zeppelin-exploiting fuelled rage I was like GAAARRR!!! Lol but Xfactor is just...too far.
  4. This wasn't on ebay, but I saw some Zeppelin lycra cycle shorts could they have picked a more uncool product to put zeppelin on? Lmao I'm just waiting for the Zep bicycle clips waaaayyyy
  5. Do people on here understand what a riff is? lmao
  6. JPJ wrote black dog. Gaahhhh this is impossible how can you pick just one??? Kashmirs a good recognisable one, but then theres immigrant song and communication breackdown and such ooohhh nooo too many! Bah I'm bored. Does anyone have msn so I can have someone to talk to who likes LZ? Go ooon give your contact details to a stranger over the internet harhar
  7. I would DEFINATELY get married to Led Zeppelin, I would just havce to get them all to agree and become a bigomest hmm I would either get married to Thankyou or Bron-Y-Aur. Whole Lotta Love would be good buh I don't think it would quite set the right atmosphere...meh
  8. Beautiful...just beautiful *wipes tear away from eye* If crappy music was banned and Zeppelin was taught as a religion preferably, to everyone then people would realise just how talented they are and admit that ZEPPELIN ARE GOD. Theres no other explanation for them being able to produce so many songs in different genres of music appealing to just about everyone, with them all being like AMAZING at their instruments and all working together so well on stage, and you could still go to one of they're concerts and the song sounds different *in a good way* to the one on the album, and they can come
  9. i saw that too its craaazy they didn't do such a good song liberty. Poor Jack Black begging infront of screaming fans, who made several references to Led Zep in School of Rock, I doubt that the BBC series thingy will lol and if they do i will deffo watch it they maybe want more recognition or summat, or maybe they were drugged and forced into it and thats why the let the XFactor, shrek n that rap "artist" use they're songs too. Ahhh well they're ZEPPELIN. They can do whatever they want.
  10. I'm going to see 'The Led Zeppelin Story' soon, a scottish band. Not a very creative name...
  11. Take ME IF you get tickets. My room is full of zep posters and mags etc and im known as the zeppelin girl by the IT guys at school, and I wrote an essay about them for an IT project , but not many 14 year old girls like zeppelin so I'm allll alone I hate all of the people trying to be clever who write bad reviews about them who clearly have no idea about music or how talented they are. Who cares how old they are? They're still just as good, and I'd still marry them...ALL preferably I cried when I read a bad review, but that guy will probably be murdered by an a ngry mob of zep fans
  12. Lol a source close to the band? Hmm I want to believe this so bad buh I think it might have been all over the news if that were true. Well it was worth it just for the pic of Rob *droooooooooooool*
  13. I can't believe theyre letting loadsa people use their songs now...I heard misty mountain hop on an advert, kashmir on freaking Xfactor?!?! and the immigrant song on shrek 3. Maybe they're skint but then I think its good they're making a comeback but I just don't want them to start going commercial and doing power ballads, but i doubt that'll happen. I stand by Zeppelin they can do no wrong.
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