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  1. Zep Fanatic 39 yrs old from Miami....
  2. Jan - Present 2007 Rush - Snakes and Arrows Tour - West Palm Beach TOOL - 10,000 Days Tour - Sunrise, FL Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Tour - West Plam Beach
  3. I never had the chance to see Zep LIVE like most people here (Im 39) and I am a huge TOOL fan. Zep is definitely the greatest LIVE band EVER and I feel the closest band in the last 30 yrs that MIGHT compare to ZEP as a LIVE band is TOOL. Anyone else feel the same? There LIVE shows are amazing and there lyrics are very ZEP/Page like...
  4. I would love to hear Achilles Last Stand....
  5. I have a feeling the O2 show will determine if the boys tour. If Page & Plant feel there not able to perform to LED ZEP standards they wont do it. Nobody wants to see Plant & page miss notes and sound terrible. Im so pumped for this show, I hope it goes well.
  6. The Rover is amazing. I feel Achilles Last Stand or Trampled Underfoot and as few of Zeps most under rated songs.
  7. They should tour! It would be the biggest tour in Rock N Roll history! I believe the only one not interested is Plant, he always has some excuse. It would be a travesty to Rock N Roll if the didnt tour onel last time.
  8. Im sure he will pull both guitars out depending on the songs played.
  9. I dont care if John Tesh opens for Zep, Im following them to as many shows as I can. Imagine Achilles Last Stand, The Wanton Song, Bring it on Home, Trampled Underfoot, Out on the Tiles, Celebration Day LIVE!
  10. Led Zeppelin is the GREATEST BAND EVER...IMO. They are definitely the GREATEST LIVE BAND ever...bar none. I wish I had the opportunity to see them live in there heyday. I would have loved to have seen the 1973 tour or 1975 tour. The only band playing today that can compare (you cant really compare) to Zep for LIVE shows is TOOL.
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