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  1. Does anyone know of a soundboard of Led Zeppelin's performance at Chicago stadium 21st Jan 1975
  2. A good way of putting it. How many wannabe's have Zeppelin stomped on in 40 years, and how many fads have come and gone giving bands like Zeppelin the finger on their way up, only to end up playing Zeppelin numbers in cheap holiday camps because their transparent talent became all to apparent with their off stage arrogance.
  3. Exactly that. Why be phased by the opions of others, it's what does it for you personally. Nothing else counts.
  4. Cool "Z88", but Im a little perplexed as to why it's even an issue with so many people.You either dig the music or you don't.. The world would be a major drag if we all liked the same thing and there was no variety to use as a basis for comparision. Having said that, being the very best at what you do will always atract some sphincter that doesn't like that particular type music and who's favourite band is now advetizing some stench by a wannabe L'Orel to try and retrieve their bollocks career.
  5. Distracted by a snip of a riff i heard on the radio once in 69. Then i was into usual late 60s stuff, i was 12. Got into Rex, Slade, anything that was guitar orientated, loud and caused strange expressions on my parents faces. Time to leave kids stuff and join my peers who were into Genesis-(Gabriel) Yes, Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin.I was 13. I picked on a band people new the least about and asked for the latest Zep, bought 3rd vinyl. Put the pin on the Atlantic and scoped out the disc in the cover.Immigrant, Since, Gallows, Friends, my goodness ! I thought. and immediately went backtracking. Bought 2nd Zep and there it was, the riff. Whole Lotta Love. Im 50 next year, and i have been inspired by Led Zeppelin in so many directions, fron Tolkien to poetry. I have loads of CDs by loads of artist's. All were fantastic at the time and still are. But the one band that always haunts me, either by Roberts lyrics, his high pitched roar, or Jimmys cordom (if you liken their songs to a path) and his ability to find his way back after wandering off for miles,ie: Dazed, Trampled, H M M Times, are Led Zeppelin. My point is you either dig em or you don't. Whether it be a serendipitous moment or just curiosity. It's got F-all about being cool. It's that they are cool.I aquired a copy of Knebworth August 11th 79 and find myself featured as one of the individuals in a camera focus after STH. How cool is that !
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