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  1. Hey now...I'm a bassist and I've always maintained that if the bass isn't there, you'll notice. We're more important than the drummer!
  2. Does he by chance listen to rap? My own brother once heard Bonham's Moby Dick and made the comment that a monkey could play it. I wanted to hit him over the head but then I just let it go. He likes rap, which I think all rap sounds the same. It's just a matter of opinion and you just gotta ignore it. Kids these days get caught up in culture and just follow what people tell them is cool and don't care anything for skill. Oh well, he's missin out.
  3. Does anyone know of a way to contact Robert Plant and ask his advice on songwriting?
  4. The GMan


    My sentiments exactly.
  5. Yea, plus three is a Biblical number
  6. Sorry, not a Giants fan. I live in VA, the GMan come from a few different things.
  7. Again, thanks for all your advice. Let me clarify a couple of things. I'm the bass player and working singer for the band currently; we have a "power trio" type build to our band so resources are limited. We've been looking for an extra member or two but we haven't found anyone suitable quite yet. We aim for a style between classic rock and hair metal type stuff. Our influences include everyone from, of course, Led Zeppelin all the way to Guns & Roses, Van Halen, and so on. I also glean from more current bands such as Dave Matthews Band, Muse, etc. Now hopefully that layout will
  8. Thanks for everyone's advice so far. I think one thing that makes it hard for me alone to build the melody and lyrics is that I'm a bass player of marginal skill; it's hard for me to make melodies. The boys and I come up with some great licks though, so should I just record some of those licks and build from there?
  9. Does anyone have any good advice for an struggling songwriter? I'm in a band and we've been working hard for about 4 or 5 years now but we still haven't started anything major. We seem to have trouble fitting music and lyrics together. Any suggestions as to how we go about building the lyrics AND the music? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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