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  1. For those interested I have an old copy of a book called 'The Road to Rock'. It was published by Zigzag in 1974 - its a soft cover. It has interviews with Rod Stewart, Elton John, Jeff Beck, Peter Townsend, Pink Floyd, Family, and Jimmy Page. The Page interview is a ripper and was held just after LZ IV was released. Lots of tidbits about the Yardbirds and clears up a few myths about the origin of some songs like Tangerine. Don't know how rare it is but I love reading it. Cannot remember how I got it but I have had it over 20 years. All the interviews are great actually and take yo
  2. For those who do not think this song is about Karac, look at the cover of the album, listen to the sentiment of the song, consider the song was written 20 years after Karac's death and consider the lyric 'carry my darling son'. :o
  3. I have had the bootleg for thirty five years - its a great concert cocktail glasses and all - and the I'm A Man solo is his very best spooky ethereal Page off the wall piEce of shit he ever did. I love Jimmy Page!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. FFS is that the saddest song of all time or what? All of my Love was bad enough - but this is a desperate plea from a Fathers Heart - Robert Plant is a legend.
  5. Another day is ending And I remember when My world, came falling down Out there the stars stop dancing Lost in my darkness now The rain, keeps falling down Light of my life, where have you gone Love's true flame dies, without the warmth of your sun Ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah Here comes the blue train rollin' Across my heart it crawls The rain still pouring down Another day escapes me A little later maybe Love will roll around Light of my life, where have you gone Love's true flame dies, without the warmth of your sun I've been waiting on a corner Yeah, I've been wa
  6. many thanks and I mean it - she particularly has fallen head over heals over ITTOD - we both love All of my love and I'm Gonna Crawl - the emotion of both songs has captured her - but she particularly loves the grunt of the live versions of Black dog and IMTOD - but the Aphrodisiac is Earls Court Trampled Underfoot - I played that one night after we had some very bad news and both were emotionally exhausted!!!!!!! Sometimes it takes a piece of musical excellence driven by Bonhams gorgeous pedals to make a disaster turn in to a chance to find each other some relief. I love Zeppelin she Loves Z
  7. I have been married for 24 years having met a wonderful woman who surprised me by becoming a Zep fanatic after seeing hearing httw and seeing the video particularly earls court footage - the answer to a happy marriage is led zeppelin - before she was interested now she is a convert - more zeppelin makes a happy life partnership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. with you Jethro btw - their all resting down in Cornwall writing up their memoirs for a paper back edition of the boy scout manual!!!!
  9. this thread is a joke - Grohl has clear Zeppelin credentials - Jones is a personal friend who has appeared on the Foos albums as a musician and producer. Page agreed to be on stage with him and looked like he had a ball. You bloody idiots who see this as bad had better get over it!
  10. It does not count because in the main it consists of rejected songs that deserved to be rejected - INHO
  11. for fecks sake we have Jimmy and JPJ on stage together twice in one year and people here are having a fecking whinge - God Bless you David Grohl for working so hard to give us this privilege of seeing them again - thank you thank you thank you
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW1BpL9ZfSA Its on you tube
  13. OK let me fess up here - I only have three 77 boots including LA badge holders, all the stuff released by the band, and Live At Blue Berry hill and a 73 boot as well. In my opinion Plants voice defintely changed between 68-75 but stabilised after that. The three boots I have from 77 are excellent although I understand not all others are and that the band was up and down at times that year. I loved Plants voice in 1977 - it was different but it is so powerful it knocks me over. I have no 75 boots and have only the Earls Court stuff to go on. So, at last , my question is - how well
  14. Joelmon aleady has a handy lead in the I hate 77 stakes. Go Joel!
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