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  1. A Gretch Bass: 26 x 14 Tom: 10 X 14 Floor Tom: 16 x 16 Floor Tom: 18 x 16 Snare: Suprophonic 14 x 12 (Must've been custom or something? Cymbals: Paiste Giant Beats Not mine, but my friends. It was awesome.
  2. Wow, that's an amazing sound. It's undescribable. I need to know how to tune it like that. I have a metal snare myself. It's an accent series though, I've only been playing 3 years. But my snare has annoying over tones so I got a dampening ring. But does anyone know how to get that sound? Does he have wider snares or something?
  3. Omg. I can't stop listening to the boot. I do have one question. How the heck did he get that sound, that is the fattest sounding guitar I've ever heard. No one could ever sound like he did there. EVH said he sounded like a 2 year old picking up a guitar. But everyone knows EVH sucks. What amps did he use. I can tell he wasn't using his Marshalls or his WEM's.
  4. Page needs to dig out some of his dusty pro-shots and release them. I'm getting tired of plants bad voice from TSRTS. We need a Japan 1971 Pro-Shot or a La Forum 1972 Pro-Shot.
  5. I actually think that The Song Remains The Same. It's beat is so powerful and loud, it's just Bonham. Others include Immigrant Song, Rock and Roll (From Knebworth), Sick Again, The Crunge, Whole Lotta Love jams.
  6. Alot of their songs were dropped due to Plant's voice. They stopped playing Immigrant Song because the voice strain. There's no doubt that if Plant worked on in, at Knebworth he could've done Immigrant Song.
  7. I'm gonna go with either 1975-05-25 or 1975-03-14
  8. I heard The Ocean and when they went from The Ocean to the really cool part in the end I went "SHIT!" Then I started looking for live performances for the song, I ended up getting the LA 1972 Concert, I never regretted getting into it! Now I have like 150 concerts!
  9. Here's an Idea, The Actors would be Robert Plant, the lead singer for the best band ever, Jimmy Page, Best guitarist in the world, John Paul Jones, playing the bass and piano player, and me playing John Bonham, the H-Bomb of drums.
  10. 01. Rock and Roll 02. Celebration Day 03. I'm Gonna Crawl 04. Communication Breakdown Incl. Sugar Mama 05. Immigrant Song (Plant should be warmed up by then) 06. Heartbreaker 07. Whole Lotta Love medley 08. Over The Hills And Far Away (HTWWW style) 09. Misty Mountain Hop 10. SIBLY 11. No Quarter 12. TSRTS 13. The Rain Song 14. Stairway To Heaven 15. The Ocean Encores: 01. Ramble On (with Jimmy on the double neck) 02. Long Tall Sally (Don't ask, I've been listening to RAH boots) 03. Blueberry Hill 04. Four Sticks
  11. The really high notes he hit in black dog at knebworth. When he screams out "I SAID I'VE BEEN CRYIN YEAH!" during the late 1970 American tour. Yeah that's the shit! When he didn't get lazy in 1971 in black dog when he sang "Hey Hey Mama said the way you move, gunna make you sweat, gunna make you groove" sometimes he got lazy on the gunna make you sweat part.
  12. Osaka Oct. 2nd 1972, the solo right after rock and roll. TSRTS from Listen to this eddie, or just TSRTS in general, the power behind his beat. How Many More Times is great too. Pat's Delight from 4-24-69. Knebworth, both nights. The Crunge is pretty cool. The funky interludes in Whole Lotta Love are pretty cool from 1973-1975. Any early Bonham where he beat the HOLY SHIT out of the drums. Also What Is And What Should Never Be from 04-01-1971
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