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  1. Thick As A Brick Aqualung Minstrel In The Gallery Stormwatch Crest Of a Knave Geez, I could go on forever. JT is a phenomenal group. I have seen them several times best being the 30th anniversary tour were they literally played EVERYTHING ending up most fittingly with, "Wind Up"... Just tremendous talent there...
  2. A tremendous artist and performer who has graced the stage alongside many of todays superstars is on a small tour in California. I definitely recommend that if you get the chance to go see him. http://www.myspace.com/johnyoungband Tues 5th February Experimental Cafe Oxnard CA http://www.myspace.com/experimentalcafe http://www.experimentalcafe.com Thu 7th February Shanachie Pub Willits CA http://www.myspace.com/shanachiepub Fri 8th February, Pearl Lounge, Eureka CA Sat 9th February Mamma Llama's Weaverville CA http://www.mammallama.com/ http://www.myspace.com/mammallamaco
  3. I know you will find this hard to believe but I find that album zo-so...
  4. I saw them in 75 or 76 dont really remember which year. It was the Graffiti tour and folks were antzy when they were playing stuff from it because they weren't familiar with the material yet. Can ya imagine that?
  5. I just hope that when it does actually happen (and it will) that everyone who wants to see Zep will get the chance without getting banged by scalpers.
  6. My review... Sound Stage presents Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation directed by Joe Thomas starring Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Zoe Records Having been fortunate enough to have seen Led Zeppelin in concert as well as several Robert Plant solo excursions, I was eager to watch his first ever live DVD brought to us by the wonderfully intimate PBS series, Soundstage. Robert's diminished vocal range may be reflective of his unwanted AARP card-carrying status but it's his boyish charm and love of performing that keeps his fans cheering and the lemon squeezers squeezi
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