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  1. There used to be a fantastic fan mag in the 80's out of San Francisco called Zoso. A gentleman named Taylor published it, but it went under after a few years. Anybody know what happened?
  2. Yeah, the eBay guy has some cool items, bought a few myself, but PageAngel has the right idea-find a silversmith and have them craft the symbols for you. I had it done myself a few years back with all four (go hit up the gallery at BentForms.com to see the handiwork) and was thoroughly delighted. I bought a Zoso pendant out of the fanzine of the same name back in the 80's (props to ya if yer out there, Taylor!), but it was pretty thin and broke after a few years due to the way the loop was anchored.
  3. I'm lucky enough to front two groups, one that plays covers called Grendel (check us out at www.grendelrocks.com, no Zep posted there currently but have some stunning versions of WLL, Black Dog and Stairway in the personal archives ) and an all-original group called StoneCirrus (www.myspace.com/stonecirrusband). Don't be shy-let me know what you think! And if anybody on the forum will be in Tucson, AZ this coming weekend (March 1st, 2008), come check us out at The Rock along with 5 other great bands as part of a benefit for abused children. And if ya can't make it, then hopefully we'll be seeing you sooner than later!
  4. Definitely the last verse of "Houses Of The Holy" - CAAAN I TAKE YA, TAKE YA TO THE MOOVIES?!? Too bad it never worked for getting me a date-they were too busy letting their eardrums heal...
  5. Itr may have been mislabelled (certainly happened before), but I had a cassette boot I got back in the 80's which said it was "The New Yardbirds Live at the Marquee in London, '68". Not sure if it was, but it was definitely Zeppelin in a small club with an overly polite audience and the muddiest sound I've ever heard. No "Train Kept A-Rollin'" included, though.....has anyone else run across this show?
  6. I was introduced unwttingly to the World's Greatest Band at age 7 on their '77 tour in the Kingdome in Seattle. Still not sure what my 10-years-elder sister did to incur our mother's wrath, but the Solomonic punishment handed down for the transgression was the pronouncement that if she and her boyfriend wanted to see the show, they'd have to take the annoying little brother along for the ride. For my part, I was just happy to get away from the desolation of the middle of nowhere we lived in and thus rode happily in the back of my sister's Datsun B210 all the way to the concrete hulk mouldering away next to the Puget Sound, unaware of my karmic rondevous (I was born and remain a musician from that day forward). I remembered seeing a Mariners game there with my father the previous year and asked if we'd be close to home plate, with much eye-rolling and head-shaking constituting the totality of my answer. I've read much about the electric atmosphere that prevailed at Zeppelin shows and recall that exact sense vividly as we made our way across the sea of cars to stand in line with tens of thousands of ecstatically stoned teenagers. The seats were scraping the nosebleed section, but with a grand view of the biggest stage I'd ever seen to that point in my young life. Amidst a swirl of herbally intoxicating aromas, the lights finally dimmed and and the majestic opening chords of what I now know to be "The Song Remains The Same" chimed and echoed through the stadium accompanied by the absolute LOUDEST crowd roar I've ever experienced, bar none. I stood up on my tin bench to gaze in wonder over the bandanna of the Joe Dirt lookalike weaving and bobbing to the music in front of us at the explosion of light and sonic fury unfolding on the field below. John Bonham's sticks were a staccato blur, rolls and fills spilling from his arms while rainbows shattered and reflected from his clear Ludwig kit...Page was dancing with the double-neck Gibson with Robert, both of them relishing the adulation, their joy clear to see either through our binoculars or on the huge video screen that hung over the stage....Jonesey was a gently-smiling blond Valiant in the background, emerging at various points to add brooding keys to "No Quarter" or pick the triple-neck on "Going To California" and "Ten Years Gone" (all titles learned in subsequent years, of course). The high point was Jimmy standing in the pyramid of lasers, bow raised to the crack in the stadium's ceiling, guitar magick filling the massive space entirely. I know now that Seattle '77 is considered to be a low point in Zep concerts...certainly there were mistakes (I recall Joe Dirt laughing that Page was "higher than giraffe pussy" after a particularly dissonant chord during Nobody's Fault But Mine, and the bootlegs certainly don't give much room for argument), but the experience was one I wouldn't trade for a temple of Aztec (or even Acapulco) gold. Frankly, I will always be thankful to be one of the few "Gen-Xers" out there to have experienced the greatest band in the world in its heyday, face-to-face. Or face-to-screen, if you prefer. Q2 was undoubtedly mind-blowing and I'll be working like a truckstop crackwhore to score tix if the boys come back this way, but until then I'll bask in the warm glow of cherished memory and the knowledge that I don't have to suffer the dreaded "You-shoulda-been-there" disease with most of the rest of the fans my age.
  7. Speaking of No Quarter, I'm a vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter in Tucson, AZ who worships the Zeppelin and gets by with an Alesis QS 8.1. Saw the Korg Oasys JPJ played at the Q2 and would give my left nut to talk shop with him for an hour, see how he crafts his samples. If the band actually comes together again and tours, I can't wait to see what Jonesy'll be playing!
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