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  1. South America is waiting for them. Please come to Argentina, I'll pay any price to see them on stages.
  2. $25.000 ??? great, i only need $24.999!!!! : what an awesome guitar. it's perfect. I wonder if with that guitar you can play like page.
  3. a God, not less than that. he deserves the bigest gift posible. I will die listining The Rain Song. we love you and we only ask for one thing, before the end...: this should never be endend.
  4. The Ocean. Heartbreaker. Whole Lotta Love. Since I've been loving you. Over the hills and far away. Bring it on home . Nobody's fault but mine. The song Remains the same. White Summer. Bron -Y-Aur. no doubut he is a God.
  5. It's a brilliant idea. It would be nice to do the same or something like that but with messages from the people to Bonzo, and give it to his family, to Jason, or his wife. It could be a good way to be grateful with him for all the music and the rock and roll he gave to us. and at last, a big message from Jason. That would be great. I think we all are in debt with bonzo. he gave us all. :'(
  6. please add any city of argentina, i will go to anywhere, pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. it's brilllant. he loves his father more than enything, that is obvious. my eyes are full of tears. we all miss you, bonzo. :'(
  8. thank you, elizabeth. this is what I was expecting. I can't wait to hear them on the stages. Every time I read things like this or see the Rolling Stone interview I just feel this tour closer. thank you and sorry for my horrible english.
  9. I'm from argentina and I hope a world tour too. I hope they come here or to brazil, so I can go, too. I don't want to miss the chance of seing them on a stage. I'm sorry for my horrible english.
  10. I also thought that. but now I think that if they won't do this. they could said ir before. now, everyone is expecting this, we, the fans, are making this almost a fact. If they won't make the tour, Page should say: "sorry, but we won't" but he said "Not till september, becouse plant it's busy."
  11. It always said a World Tour, but only talks about England or USA. I want them here in Argentina!! lots of fans are waiting here for them.
  12. I totaly agreed with franco. Led can't have a support, because they are Led Zeppelin. you don't need a support, just wait and enjoy the best of the concerts ever.
  13. I think that it's a grate idea, but it must be done carefuly because if it isn't good, it will dirt Led Zeppelin's name. a documental is a very good idea, too. a biography, how they met, how they start, how they created what we call rock and roll, and how they made history. I won't miss it.
  14. Agreed. I think that if they said that maybe they will, obviously they want to do it, but first they have to stop doing what they are doing right now.
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