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  1. When heard him say something additional track for Presence, my brain immediately thought of "Fire"(Say you gonna leave me). I would just absolutely flip out if they actually did get this down on acetate in some form and it's just been waiting to grace our ears for all of these decades. Again... FLIP OUT.
  2. It was never possible for them to be "mixed" as the recordings are not multi-track recordings. They are just simple 2-tracks off of the soundboard. It is not possible for them to be remixed. Remastered yes, Remixed no.
  3. That's just YouTube being YouTube. If everything were in perfect sync.. something would be wrong. TeHe..
  4. GTBT in full... so sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsHcUwtw5H0
  5. STH in full... wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G_JTMuHOQk
  6. OMG... Electric Magic is closing. This is the end. I will never see my old account again. I seriously think I'm going to be sick. Sam.....
  7. This is the original bonhamwannabe. All I know is that I am deeply saddened by the change of site. My account from the "old" site no longer works... after seven years and one major loss four years ago. I've lost all of my info. Sam, why? This is truly the end of what was a great era of Zeppelin on the web. I discovered all of this right after finishing the DVD and all of the extras. This was such a happy day and now I get online to make a post.. only find that everything I've accumulated from the Zeppelin community over the last four years is gone.. just like back in 2003. I want my account back.
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