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  1. It is from Vancouver '70, audio wise. You can tell by the organ John Paul is using. It is a sound board recording. The video footage is from the Song Remains the Same and really has nothing to do with the audio. It's just some video someone made up for youtube.
  2. Did everyone watch the grammys and see Plant and Krauss perform. Is it just me or do the two just look akward on stage together. To me, it just looked akward and weird. Actually seeing Plant on stage with anyone but Zeppelin seems weird to me. And Plant and Krauss win album of the year for Raising Sand, which is just a cover album really. I find that to be pretty pathetic. But whatever. Congrats to Plant but the collaboration should end before they do a second album.
  3. That question shouldn't even be asked on a Led Zeppelin forum. I thought we were all fans of Zeppelin on this forum, so I don't even know why this question was asked. Of course it isn't Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant. Not even close. He can't be replaced. Face it. None of them can be replaced and that's why there won't be anymore Led Zeppelin. However, Page, Jones and Bonham will probably do an album and tour but it won't be called Led Zeppelin. I will check it out though.
  4. I finally got through all 20 pages of this thread and here is my opinion. Robert Plant has always said that he would not do a new Led Zeppelin tour unless there was new music involved. If Page/Jones/Bonham are making new material and Plant likes it, he will be on board. If he is not on board, then Page/Jones/Bonham will still release the album and tour just not as Led Zeppelin. That is my opinion. And hopefully we will know something for sure in a month or so.
  5. I don't believe Zeppelin ever played this song live in its entirety. But I was listening to the Hiroshima gig from '71 and during the Whole Lotta Love medley, they do play the main rockin' riff from 'In the Light'. I think they also played it in the L.A or N.Y. gig in September of '71 during 'Whole Lotta Love'. Anybody familiar with these performances of 'In the Light' or know of any others?
  6. I personnally like to listen to the end of the solo of 'OTHFA' , 'MD'or the 'STH' solo as a measuring stick so to speak to see if Jimmy is on that particular concert. If Jimmy's on in these solos, that concert is usually a good one. What are your opinions? Now I am speaking only about Jimmy.
  7. Or what year or years do you think that they were the most dominate member of the group? These are my opinions: Plant - '70 - '71 Page - '72 - '73 Jones - '77 - '80 Bonham - '73 - '77 But one can argue that Jones and Bonham were pretty much solid all the time. What do you all think?
  8. Does anyone know what the first show was that contained John Bonham's drum fill in Stairway to Heaven was? It occurs during the lines 'Head is hummin', and it won't go in case you don't know'. Great hi-hat drum fill. It had to occur in '73 sometime before July. I know that much.
  9. I believe it was Jason that screwed up. The whole passage is 4 bars. The first two are with Page, Jones and Bonham and the last 2 bars are with the drum fill and then it goes into the main riff. Listen again to it and you will see that Page was right and Jason was wrong. He played 4 bars and tried to play the drum fill after to make 6 bars which is what screwed them up.
  10. Just wondering what everyone else thought about songs that Led Zeppelin should add to the setlist and drop from the O2 gig for a tour, if they so choose to do one. I think that they should drop 'Ramble On' and 'Misty Mountain Hop' for sure. They just didn't do it for me. All the others I think would still fit. Also maybe not play 'Trampled Underfoot' everynight. I would like to see them add 'Thank You', 'In the Evening', 'Heartbreaker' and maybe 'Over the Hills and Far Away' and the 'Rain Song'. What are your thought?
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