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  1. All the news footage in the UK had the disclaimer 'Copyright Led Zeppelin' on it so the band was obviously supplying the media, rather than the media trying to get its own shots. I also saw cameras all over the place in the O2 which leads me to believe that the gig was being filmed. If it was a roaring success (which it was), they could then release the concert as a DVD. If it had been a disaster, they would have kept the footage as a home movie I guess. Although I was at the concert, I would dearly love to see the DVD. For most of the gig I was just stupified that I was actually seei
  2. Thanks to global warming, we don't have winter any more in this country. It is currently 60 degrees and I don't anticipate it being any different next week. As for the distance from the Tube station, from memory (I used to work at the Dome many years ago!) it is only a couple of minutes. So I don't think anyone is going to get cold. Mind you, it may well be raining so bring waterproofs!
  3. Can someone please clarify if there is any difference between the remastered (by Jimmy Page) songs on iTunes and the remastered (by Jimmy Page) songs which came out in the early 90s? I bought the 4 disc box set in 1990 and the two disc box set in 1993 and I was under the impression that these had been completely remastered. They certainly sound awesome. But I am now confused as I hear they have been re-re-mastered! So the question is, should I part with £59 to buy the back catalogue on iTunes?
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