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    I love playing guitar (of course) and I'm just starting to get into slide guitar. I'm a new fan, only a little over year. But I'm young so it's impressive that I even know who Jimmy Page is!
  1. All I heard was an Axl Rose attempting Led Zeppelin song. And seeing how Slash was right there why didn't he just do a Guns n Roses song??? Or at least try not to sound like Axl. Zeppelin was an odd choice for American Idol, I don't watch the show but I don't think they should have let him do that song.
  2. I just got back from colorado on a trip specifically for the concert! It was great, but i don't agree with the last part of that review, I was happily surprized that Robert's voice was so strong, in fact it seemed like he was holding back a little. I kept waiting on Battle of Evermore for that yell but it never happened, instead they harmonized very well. I also waited for Levee and the one disappointment from that night was that it was never played. I guess black country woman made up for that, it's one of my favorites. The last few songs from the encore weren't familiar to me but i was just happy they were back on stage. It was a great night and perfect weather, being out in the rocks really enhances the experience, the wind picked up towards the end during battle and I think everyone there felt wrapped up in the song! I still can't believe I saw Robert live, it really makes me wish Jimmy was out there doing something so I could at least have the chance of seeing him play! Anyway, I completely recommend everyone go who has the chance to see a Plant/Krauss concert!
  3. I wish too that I could have seen them live in their prime, there aren't that many young people that I know (let alone girls) who are huge fans like I am! It's nice to know that there are kids who know good music! Of course I have to admit, even though it's embarassing, that my mom was the one who introduced me to Led Zeppelin and many other classic rock bands.
  4. I agree, my first thought when I heard the new album was that there is a lot of Led Zeppelin influence. I love the songs where you can really hear it.
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