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  1. one of the greatest tales of kindness and honesty I've yet heard. How fortunate you were!!
  2. Seeing Jason play now. Knowing his dad would be so so proud.....just makes me well up. well done lad!
  3. nice while really really wishin i'd seen the actual show I'm not too surprised with the general echo booming of the clips. have been 4 times to o2 I do not think its 'acoustics' do any favours. if Zep managed to somehow overcome the boombox effect i am just thrilled. btw Plant's voice was extraordinary there in Kashmir!!
  4. classy pics alright! well done taking so many and sharing so fast. these are the first real good look at the show I've had. many thanks. and that screen looks damn monumental!! now to plunge into the rest of the deluge
  5. oh the sheer joy of it all! Cheers! i'm just tinglin all over
  6. i'm 35 next week. finding i have less and less time for webbin but I'm in a real tether of late with this splurge of Zepmania. I'm a fan since age 12 and appreciate them now more than ever after hearing megatonnes of crap since then. great to discover lots of new and other musics of course but that quality is hard to find. still all great fun when yr do. something very cool is Led Zep always have new fans which will really add to the atmos if they do any more shows. I hope tics arent too overpriced which can happen w for eg. the Stones prices are too high on the floor for anyone under 45 i
  7. these zep polls are starting to get nigh impossible. to pick a fav from Zep 1?! eek ok then, Dazednconfuzed cuz of the speed of it, the lawlessness of the solo, the notes played, the high 'peeep' towards the end when bonzo's rollin robert's screaming just before jimmy plunges back in to the main riff. yep that lil nano sec peep. ok just had a reread and that all sounds crazy but I really love that point when it all comes to a head and then lands again so bang on. sometimes i see lads wearing a T with the coverart in tesco or somewhere and I just want to hug em!
  8. yeh me too ...Levee. astounding thundering slow explossion of blues that sounds as fresh as ever. the whole album is faultless and amazing to drive thru the glens to. when sandy comes in and the green mountains in the distance are looming ever larger, life is good.
  9. I'd say Kashmir here, the unledded version just as worthy too, but where is the Rain Song?
  10. Bring it on home is gettin me loopy today so that gets my stick. the purity of that riff....the sound.. followed close by the shivering gorgeous thankyou I used to colour in the side of the vinyl cover with a matching brown marker where the little tears of white board had come through! ahahaha. had no money to buy a new one back in the day. and the marker never quite matched. that was a great cover when opened up too! sorry I'm ramblin on here......
  11. The music won em over, their very own beautiful - rockin - intricate - exotic - phenomenal music! as well as being the greatest musicians in their fields those tunes are just beggin to be let loose. In all the excitement and cover shots Plant seems to be enjoying himself more and more, that smile tis a joy to behold. major busy myself with a house move lately and always lurkin back of my mind... Zep are back! Zep are back! its everywhere. radio, tv, play them in work, car... I'm near tearing up! the music is just so right and deserves a full on worldwide celebration. never seen th
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