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  1. Almost forgot Starman (Jeff Bridges) Porky`s Mr. Mom Stripes Independance Day
  2. Never Forget The Warriors Ghost The Time Machine-1960s version Coal Miner`s Daughter Bill And Ted`s Excellent Adventure Urban Cowboy The Deer Hunter
  3. Good catch Dawg Next 11 Crash Gladiator Taxi Driver The Fifth Element Repo Man Bride Of Chucky....classic Mystic River Schiendler`s List The Pianst The Usual Suspects Jackie Brown
  4. Next 10 Dumb And Dumber The Sixth Sense Forrest Gump Fargo The Ten Commandments Back To The Future Teen Wolf Boogie Nights L.A. Confidential Home Alone
  5. Next 10 Platoon Terminator Alien Aliens 300 Titanic Thelma And Louise Pulp Fiction Kill Bill Natural Born Killer
  6. Limited to 10. Bad Santa (The R version) Revenge Of The Nerds The Godfather The Green Mile Fast Times At Ridgemont High Detroit Rock City Full Metal Jacket Almost Famous Trading Places The Outlaw Josie Wales
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