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  1. as far I know the albums were remastered 15 years ago. There's been virtually ZERO Zep activity after O2 concert and Mothership in 2007
  2. http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthre...+zeppelin+works This thread posted @ stevehoffman forums has raised a lot of great discussion. and this page, despite being 10 years old, still serves to see what could be released in the future http://www.oldbuckeye.com/prox/holygrail.html Taken what it´s known or believed to exist: 1 - The Earls Court Video (Pro-Shot Video from Earls Court Arena, London, May 24, 1975) Well, we know the DVD featured a compilation from the Earls Court nights. At least we already have something. 2 - The Seattle Kingdome Video (Pro-Shot Vide
  3. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?showtopic=11343 Since there were questions about Vinyl reissues I decided to bump this thread Will we see the rumored 40th anniversary remasters this year?
  4. So, it's March 2009 and we still have no news So far, it's just a rumor originated (I think) @ the stevehoffman forum
  5. I disagree. We've never have the 5.1 albums, full with outtakes, alternate versions, Sessions, live cuts, etc, etc. Besides the 1980 tour was crap, frankly In that case, give me Japan 1971 or LA Forum 1977 Can't wait for the 40th anniversary catalog!
  6. In rising price order: amazon.com 113,49 $US CD/NTSC whatrecords.co.uk 74,99 £ SACD/? elusivedisc.com 139,99 $US CD/NTSC amazon.de 112,97 € SACD/PAL amazon.com 154,98 $US SACD/PAL hmv.com 88,99 £ SACD/? bestbuy.com 159,99 $US CD?/PAL amazon.co.uk 94,99 £ SACD/PAL jpc.de 129,99 € SACD/PAL? amazon.co.jp 18 993 ¥ SACD/NTSC? amazon.ca 223,99 CDN$ SACD/? cduniverse.com 211,39 $US SACD/NTSC?
  7. Genesis: 7 CD/6DVD Boxset (1970 -1975) Streets 11/11/08 GENESIS, IN THE BEGINNING Rhino Concludes an Upgrade to the Group's Catalog With the Third and Final Box Set of the Series That Will Cover the Critically Acclaimed Peter Gabriel Era Contains 5 Studio Albums (1970-1975) Expanded with Bonus Audio and Video, Plus an Exclusive Disc of Rarities 7-CD/6-DVD Boxed Set will be Available November 11 From Rhino LOS ANGELES ‹ Since launching an upgrade of the entire Genesis catalog last year, the comprehensive series has followed Genesis' transformation from prog-rock pioneers to st
  8. http://www.genesis-news.com You may have seen on our news page that the bonus DVD for The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway is to include "slides from The Lamb". Those very slides we all could see on The Musical Box's Lamb tour. We are very pleased to be able to announce that well-informed sources now confirmed: The bonus DVD will have ALL the original slides that could be seen in the show. The slides can be seen in groups of three next to each other (as in the show) They will be shown in front of a black backdrop or unobtrusive photos from the shows During those parts of the concert w
  9. German review of the Genesis 1970-1975 promo CD & DVD (may anyone translate it? ) http://www.genesis-fanclub.de/c-Genesis-19...nsion-s300.html Genesis - 1970-1975 Promo Sampler (CD+DVD) Aisle of Plenty ... oder die Frage: Was sind die definitiven Versionen? Nun ist es soweit - die Veröffentlichung des SACD/DVD Boxsets 1970-1975 steht in den Startlöchern. EMI lieferte vorab an die Medienpartner wie schon bei den letzten beiden Boxsets einen CD-Sampler und einen DVD-Sampler aus. Diese sind als Appetizer zu verstehen und sollen einen Eindruck zu den neuen Stereo und 5.
  10. THE VYNIL BOXSET IS ON THE WAY!!!! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001GXP...ASIN=B001GXPIZ2 The long anticipated 7SACD/6DVD-Boxset 1970-1975 will be released on 10th November (11th November on CD/DVD in North America). EMI Europe has announced another box set - all the albums from 1970 to 1975 will be released on November 10 on vinyl. The vinyl box set 1970-1975 contains all studio albums from that era (excluding extra tracks) in their original covers in gatefold sleeves. This is premium-class 200g vinyl. The records were produced in a so-called "high quality half-speed-mastering".
  11. Hi all There's been quite a lot of talk about the Led Zeppelin Remasters in 2009. Check this link http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthre...lin+anniversary It's said there's more than a simple rumor! Now your time is gonna come What would you love to find on the remasters?. A second CD full of outtakes, rarities, sessions?. 5.1 treatment? Don't be shy, post all your whishes and comments here
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_1970-1975 Disc 1 : Trespass "Looking for Someone" - 7:02 "White Mountain" - 6:44 "Visions of Angels" - 6:51 "Stagnation" - 8:46 "Dusk" - 4:11 "The Knife" - 8:53 [edit] DVD Visual Extras Reissues Interview 2007 BBC Sessions: "Looking for Someone", "Stagnation" [edit] Disc 2 : Nursery Cryme "The Musical Box" - 10:31 "For Absent Friends" - 1:48 "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" - 8:09 "Seven Stones" - 5:09 "Harold the Barrel" - 3:00 "Harlequin" - 2:56 "The Fountain of Salmacis" - 8:00 [edit] DVD Visual Extras Reissues
  13. Genesis - Shepperton, The 16mm film Shepperton Studios, Borehamwood, UK: 30th-31st October 1973 1. Opening Credits 2. Watcher of the Skies 3. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight 4. I Know What I Like 5. The Musical Box 6. Supper's Ready 7. Closing Credits Plus Easter Egg! Pro-shot film, footage digitised frame by frame direct from 16mm master reel to PAL 25fps. (See below for exact details!) Credits: Source: King Lerch and the members of MeeksGenesis Video Transfer, Source Clean Up, DVD Authoring and other general extreme hard work : King Lerch
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