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  1. In goodfellas, when tommy gets into a fight with benny and henry calms him down. then five minutes later tommy calmly approaches benny and breaks a bottle on his head. tommy and jimmy conway(de niro) then proceed to kicking the shit out of benny in the bar, then tommy says to henry " sorry i got blood on your floor". then tommy and jimmy make jokes about benny's corpse and henry looks so frickin' unsettled!

    that scene was vintage scorcese

  2. united all the way, definitely. and it will be nemanja and rio's day as much as ronaldo's. but it will be probably a tight final. united still have what it takes, though, and i have a feeling tevez will score one tonight.

  3. I hope it turns out to be a great game. I could care less who won as long as the game is a show case. Both clubs have got loads of quality and it would be a real shame if they played, not to lose. I would love to see them play it like a first class English cup tie

    sounds like maybe you're a liverpool or arsenal supporter :rolleyes:

  4. I made a rare visit to the record store last night, to look into some music recommendations some people here made. Naturally, they didn't have any of these. The "music" that was on in the store sounded like Adam Sandler crying, but the guys behind the counter were sighing about how wonderful it was. Two other guys were looking at Johnny Depp posters, and described him as hot. Are these things "Emos"???

    I hate johnny depp's "ressurection" over the past 5 years. come to think of it, the emo i saw in south park looked a bit like johnny. but i think what you have described classifies as "gay"

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