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  1. including the new song, "gonna give you every inch of my erectile dysfunction"
  2. why is van halen in the front and kirk hammet on the back? hammet is way better. jimmy looks kind of tall, probably standing on a box behind bb king!
  3. one of my turns pink floyd
  4. I don't think ronnie will be going to any other club now, he's in love with united!
  5. that scene in reservoir dogs where mr.blonde turns on the radio and simultaneously dances and tortures the cop. that was bad ass!
  6. In goodfellas, when tommy gets into a fight with benny and henry calms him down. then five minutes later tommy calmly approaches benny and breaks a bottle on his head. tommy and jimmy conway(de niro) then proceed to kicking the shit out of benny in the bar, then tommy says to henry " sorry i got blood on your floor". then tommy and jimmy make jokes about benny's corpse and henry looks so frickin' unsettled! that scene was vintage scorcese
  7. united all the way, definitely. and it will be nemanja and rio's day as much as ronaldo's. but it will be probably a tight final. united still have what it takes, though, and i have a feeling tevez will score one tonight.
  8. sounds like maybe you're a liverpool or arsenal supporter
  9. great to see a.r rehman high on the list. he's an excellent composer
  10. somebody please post this on youtube.
  11. I hate johnny depp's "ressurection" over the past 5 years. come to think of it, the emo i saw in south park looked a bit like johnny. but i think what you have described classifies as "gay"
  12. We don't have too many emos where i'm from. I guess we're just a happier bunch btw do emos like zeppelin? the only time i've seen one of these emos was in a south park episode
  13. Aren't there any man united fans around here? What a season they've had! And just wait till the 21st. open for argument against any blues
  14. Thumb isn't meant to be disturbing.it's comical.like so many other songs by the stones on aftermath. see mothers little helper- about a middle class mother hooked on medications. disturbing and comical.
  15. Sweet little sixteen Chuck berry
  16. Great list, but x2 should be number one. And you'd better watch blade one and two. That's the only example of a b-rated superhero in a great movie, unlike ghost rider.
  17. My friend said i look like tobey mcguire from the spiderman movies, but i don't believe him.
  18. With the current mental state of james hetfield( see documentary 'some kind of monster'), that would be impossible
  19. you'd have to put yourself in the shoes off the administators in third world countries in order to understand some of these screw-ups
  20. the international press is not giving enough air time to this. it gets the same amount of air time as that clemens guy!
  21. Is there any chance of quest making a comeback? cnn would have a hell of a time replacing him.
  22. Little Wing- jimi hendrix
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