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  1. Ya that could have been it, I have no clue how to spell what he said or which tribe so i'm sure you are probably right.
  2. lol nope, it was Rob. I remember that quote exactly he said Jimmy wanted to play with the chujuka tribe I don't know how to spell it but something like that, than said "were all the dope comes from".. and than continues on talking about the album. I never understood what that was all about, why he said that or what he meant.
  3. I do not believe Robert is at fault for anything, I assume he has his reasons and also that his current tour was in effect before Jimmy made the decision to do a tour. It was just the way things were worded about how Robert "ditched" Jimmy that made me wonder if there was something else behind it. I also do not agree that they owe us anything, they have given us so much and I am amazed that they have continued as long as they have already for our benefit. how ever it would be nice to hear more if they are up for it and give younger fans a chance to see them. I do remember from that 90's pres
  4. Oh ya, your right Fate of Nations was after that wasn't, sorry my bad. I'm not sure exactly why they had the falling out in the 90's but I am positive they did. I have a recording from some Music program on TV of a press conference of Robert Plant for his Manic Nirvana Album and he said some bad things about Jimmy I don't remember at the moment exactly what was said, I'd have to watch it again but it wasn't nice. That Coverdale/Page thing may have been why, I really don't know. Thank you for that info about the '98 tour, I never knew about that. two sides to every story, quite r
  5. I must have missed something than, I know they have had a falling out back in the early nineties that I still don't know much about where Robert Plant said something quite nasty about Jimmy in one of his songs on Manic Nirvana and also in a press conference for the album said some nasty remarks about Jimmy, but than they patched it up for Robs next album. I never knew anything else happened between them after that. I wonder if there is something Jimmy done that Rob won't forgive him for and holds against him.
  6. YA, the Grey hair was a total shock, I had not seen pictures of him for a while between the messy short black cut and the Grey and it was a huge surprise to me. I was scared that he was finally starting to show his age but it is better than that short cut for sure. He looks so much healthy now too, not sickly thin any more or all bloated and puffy like the early 90's. He looks a lot more healthy now than he ever and still has that sexy/cute smile of course.
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows more about what happened between Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, I was reading the strange sensations web site and It said that Jimmy Page is wanting to do a reunion tour but Robert is refusing the idea because he just wants to keep touring with Allison. I don't understand how Robert could be against the idea, Jimmy is much older now and "Knock on wood" may not have much time left to do another tour. I just couldn't believe it when I read that, they have been friends and partners for so long and Rob's just going to ditch Jimmy. I'm thinking there might be somet
  8. I think Arlo Guthrie looks most like Jimmy Page for sure old and young. The first time I saw Alice's restaurant I had no idea what the movie was cause it was on TV, I was just flipping through and I ended up watching the whole thing just because he looked so much like him "drooolz" lol, Billy Connelly when he was younger looked like John Bonham also The drummer from Deep Purple who's name was also John and Micheal Caine like Robert Plant..Haven't really seen anyone who looks like Jonsey though.
  9. Oh good, Thank you..So releaving...Robert just seemed so upset or something as he was speaking.
  10. I don't know what this is about, he sounds so upset...did something happen to jimmy?? please let me know if you have any info on this.. thanx
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