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  1. i really like this song, but i don't know what its about. it sounds political but im not sure. I'll post the lyrics, and see if anyone can tell me what its about. its hard to understand his voice, he's sorta talking to a beat or singing slowly. here are the lyrics verse1- they assured me i was guilty, but i committed no crime. they say confessions bring lenience so that put me on the line, so i protest they're massacres at the Tienanmen Square, my friends say "yo better not go fucking back there" OH! verse2- they wouldn't let me write about my opinions about the state, and freedom of expression they would never tolerate, and the military secrets that i never did steal, i didn't start no violence naw there was nobody that i killed verse3- so i had a clear account of all the abuses of power, and the memories of homeland have all gone sour, and i only got one weapon...its so plain for me to see, my only weapon i call poetry. and i don't even know why? the truth seems like a lie, in my cell there is no sky, when i was arrested in shanghai verse4- into wealth and privilege i was not born, but into devotion of freedom and liberty i was sworn. so every emotion is studied watched and controlled who gets paid? who gets disciplined? who gets sold? a transmitter beams my coordinations all over the world, open your skull and let some knowledge come in, crack open the cranium and let awareness begin!
  2. what songs mean the most to you? mine are "dedication" by C-bo, its a rap song about realizing that your afraid to die, and the struggles of living in an urban enviroment. my favorite part from "dedication" is the beginning which goes: "i used to be the main one screaming I'M PREPARED TO DIE, but when it came down to me laying on my deathbed i was scared to die". this is a very graphic song but it tells the truth, there are parts where talks about someone shooting at him and his kids at the park, or getting shot in a carjacking. the next song that means allot to me is "landslide" by fleetwood mac, my favorite part in that song is when she says "well i've been afraid of changing because i built my life around you, but time makes you bolder, even children get older, and im getting older too" here is a link to the first one, i know i don't need to give a link to landslide lol i know everyone here knows it, if by any chance you don't...google it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEeaT_2iHDE
  3. I'm a big Crow fan! i've had the new album pre-orderd for 5 weeks
  4. i would go to the front lines without having to be asked twice, i have a fear of flying but that can be overcame very easy if there was ever a draft. my grandpa, my great grandpa, and my great great grandpa all fought in wars, i was brought with stories from my great grandpa about WW2. my old teacher in 10th grade had fought in Afghanistan in 2003 and so did his sister, i don't know where she was though. he brought back a video of amature footage of the war that he personally shot. i told my friend that if i were gonna die young i would want to do it fighting for my country, he called me crazy but i don't care. september 11th effected me profoundly, i was 11 and watching the people jump out of the towers and saw it on the news, heard people crying and even at 11 i wanted to kill whoever did it, then along comes these 9/11 conspiracy claims so im freaking confused. sorry for the rambling, im tired as hell and annoyed
  5. wow....thank you for all the information. I'm gonna read through all this again and choose a route to take. and i will be trying to loose weight and basically get my life in order. i was thinking if i get a girlfriend that will help me out of being a loner or anti social (whichever), but i know that if i don't want to change i can't.
  6. hey, I'll check out your channel. check out mine as well www.youtube.com/blueterrior
  7. i prefer to be alone, i don't like to "socialize". like in school i just want to do my work and leave, i don't like to hang out with friends, its ok if they want to come over to my house but i just like to realx. although for this girl im sure i could change my life to accommodate her
  8. thank you but no, music is not the reason for me being anti social, I've always been anti social ever since i was a child. like i said i like the truth and you gave it to me, what i meant by gentle was don't flame me, but giving me the truth is not flaming. if anything music has helped me
  9. i would have to stay in school for an extra 3 years to get a high school diploma, i didn't go to 5th grade so that screwed me up and made it very difficult to catch up.
  10. this is a touchy subject with me, so i would rather not go family. let me start off by giving some info on me. I'm 18 years old, I've only had one girlfriend, I'm overweight, I'm awkward, and I'm anti-social. ok, there is this girl that I've had a growing "thing" for since 7th grade. soon i will be leaving school to get my GED, i really want to talk to her and let her know that I've liked her since we first met in 7th grade. I know it is not likely she will like me but i just want to know. i really need advice on how to approach this. the song "one more night" by phil collins explains with perfect accuracy how i feel, its scary how EXACT it is. i just need advice. sometimes i feel it would be wrong to move on and eventually marry another girl feeling the way i feel about stephanie (thats her name), i wouldn't feel right because i don' think there will ever be another one like her and I"m an honest person, they say the truth hurts but to me its a good hurt. Music is the most comfortable and natural approach with me, music is my life, i associate any problem or instant in life with a certain song, its just me.
  11. i registered for selective service three months ago when i turned 18, but i just got a letter in the mail saying i never registered, so i just did it over the internet. i was wondering why women don't have to register? women fight in wars just like men do so whats the deal with that? im not trying to offend anyone or anything, its jsut i grew up around women that were tough and i even got beat up by a girl lol im just curious
  12. "Imagine there are no countries" god! why was john lennon killed? he could have changed the world
  13. black yamaha acoustic black n white vinci electric (good tremelo bar actually)
  14. danielmata


    Hi, I'm daniel so how's everyone doing today?
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