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  1. My my...Zeppelin was comprised of four key ingredients, one has been removed. There is no Zeppelin as it was. The time has passed. The chemistry of artistry cannot be compromised or it isn't art, it's a sellout. If the planets align and the three blokes find a common spark and excitement so be it. If not - Piss off. Zeppelin was always the middle ground where they met musically, the physical graffiti if you will. Just be thankful PJP are still around to contribute whatever musical whim they may conjure for your enjoyment or not, after all...it was never about you anyway. RIP Mi
  2. In rock music there are only two innovators as I see it, 1 ELVIS PRESLEY 2 ROBERT PLANT Who else inspired generations of imitators? Coverdale? I think not. How many "I do too" have there been... While there are certainly talented vocalists out there I can only really boil it down to two who have had the greatest impact and created a whole look, sound and style. That's who they were, no posers please. There is no replacement for Robert Plant. There is no replacement for Elvis. Everyone else...bow down before the Gods of rock vocals. Okay-Robert Johnson...you can stand up!!! Oh yes
  3. Peter Murphy is a better choice, wouldn't you agree?
  4. I believe the new album will be called UnPlanted. The Unplanting of America tour shall begin sometime in May.
  5. There's only one other who can pull it off...
  6. Robert wanted Albini , from what I understand, to bring in a more "modern" sound with someone who was able to record with old techniques ie use mic placement and such. The idea was a good one, most engineers of late use triggers and amp farm but that's another debate for another day perhaps. I feel they short changed the material going for the initial spark instead of really working it. I mean really who can produce Page better than Page and for that matter who can produce Plant better than Page now that he's...found himself again. If only they would find the middle ground and trust each ot
  7. I would tend to think this is pretty obvious but... The issue with the bootlegs is quality, AND first impression. If you're a fan you don't mind if it's a bit distorted or distant or muddy. Now if you will, imagine you've never heard Led Zep and you wander into your local CD shop and pick up a copy of "Your worst sounding bootleg here" packaged to look like an official release. You run home pop it in the old disc player and...wow....that sounds like junk!!! This band is crap!!!! Should have bought Hannah Montana she has a great sounding CD!!!! DAMN!!!!!What a waste of money.The albums or
  8. The reality of it is that bootleg recordings are illegal. They are unauthorized by the band, their management and their record company. Having said that, I'm glad they're out there free these days, so the pirates can't profit off of the artists work. Led Zeppelin fans have been trading tapes and cdr's for ages, in effect, taking money out of the bootleggers hands.
  9. Good evening... it's common sense really, if old Percy were to say"Yeah Zep tour starts a week after the Raising sand tour ends" well then why would you go to that show? (Great record by the way) That would be bad for business for all involved. I'd bet that you'll see the new version of Zep again, just when you least expect it, the way it should be and always was with a bit of mystery. More fun that way. as you were
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