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  1. I just stumbled onto a pretty interesting (if not unlikely) medley of zeppelin music... the guitarist has strung together Ten Years Gone, Black Dog, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, WLL, Moby Dick, Rock'n Roll; Zeppelin Forever by Michael Angelo Batio --- its definitely worth a listen, you can find it on iTunes, MySpace Music. He also does an impressive version of All Along the Watchtower
  2. What a kind gesture, you are a very giving and generous person. I really hope it is you that gets to place this gift in his hands.
  3. Good synopsis of the show, I agree completely with your comments around For Your Life --- it was one of the highlights of the show IMHO; when I want to "return to the O2", its the recording of that performance that I listen to. It almost makes me wonder if people are being more critical about some of their other performances that evening because they're comparing them to performances 30+ years ago...and of course they can't do this with FYL. I do however disagree re: GTBT...despite some sound issues, I think it was a perfect choice to kick things off and it was like magic --- those first f
  4. AXL ROSE is in 2nd place !!! ...who's doing the voting? ...its all crap, how many people are voting multiple times to boost their favourites?
  5. When I picked up the wristbands on Sunday the 9th, I managed to be the first person to buy a couple of T-Shirts at the merchandise booth that was just setting up... later that day and on the day of the concert the line-ups for T-Shirts were HUGE... I never managed to make a return visit. I did order a few from the website on Dec 13th, and they were delivered on Monday Jan 7 (to Canada, from Belgium) ....not bad considering the Christmas holidays, etc.
  6. Rogerthat ... THANK YOU for the informed response to this thread; I was at the concert (on the floor about 1/3 of the way back), and from where I was standing...the sound was great, I could hear all members of the band equally well. During the first song, GTBT, the guitar volume was a little low but it gradually got turned up, and there were a few feedback episodes during this song especially that didn't completely resolve over the course of the evening. HOWEVER, this did not detract AT ALL from my experiece...I saw LED ZEPPELIN, they were great, and they were LOUD! ...Controlled distortion
  7. AGREE!!! ...something's been in the air for a while, at least for me. I've been a HUGE fan since 1971 but it wasn't until Feb 2007 that I got this Zoso tattoo --- long before any reunion rumours started. I remember at a party in May 2007, a hypothetical question amongst friends came up..."If there was a single reunion concert and it was overseas, would you go ???" My answer was the only emphatic YES! ...as it turned out months later, I got the congratulory email in the first round and my friends did not --- I was devastated when the concert was delayed 2 weeks, EXPEDIA hung me out to dry,
  8. If anyone has any photo's of the projected symbols on London landmarks, I would love to see them posted here!
  9. This review is BANG ON! ...I was there and this review very closely echoes what was going through my head at the time...
  10. I enjoyed every second of the concert; there were alot of highlights for me, others have mentioned most: - the first notes of Good Times Bad Times: it sunk in, I'm here and I'm going to see Zeppelin !!! - For Your Life...WOW, why didn't they perform this before? - JPJ's keyboards on No Quarter - When Plant hit that high note in Kashmir and held it...the crowd roared, he jumped up, whipped his hair back and was just beaming --- you could see his sheer joy at that moment - Plant's vocals on STH; knowing how he feels about the song didn't stop him from putting everything into it - Page's gu
  11. Just one on the shoulder...
  12. I'll be on flight 848 (from Toronto) on Dec 6th arriving at 8:45am on the 7th...I just hope I can get some shuteye on the flight so Friday isn't a writeoff, its going to be like staying up all night otherwise. Anyone else on this flight?
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