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  1. my first live experience was of the boys performing at The Bath Showground in 1969 4th on the bill (hence my forum name)
  2. Bristol Colston Hall Cardiff Capitol Earls Court because I had great seats and it was a fantastic sound
  3. Anyone else but Robert singing and I'm sorry but it's not Led Zeppelin it would be like Karoke.Do not go down the same road as May and Taylor by exploiting a great band's heritage>If Robert does'nt want to do it then leave it be.
  4. christ somebody in here older than me brilliant
  5. the best for me was Cardiff Capitol 1972 5 rows back and dead centre and Earls Court 15 rows back slightly to the right acoustic part of the set was brilliant
  6. i was in block 1 row v and i must say the sound was awseome the whole concert was sheer delight, anyone who fails to go these concerts because of the musical direction Robert has taken need to sort their heads out, still got the voice and in his own words "deconstruct the past" absolutely brilliant.
  7. this could take a while cos i'm an old old hippy 1969 Cardiff top rank and Bath Festival 1970 Colston Hall Bristol and Bath Festival 1971 Bath Pavillion 1972 Cardiff Capitol both nights 1973 Aberystwyth 1975 Earls Court two nights 1979 Knebworth Park both shows there done
  8. bath1969

    Wall Posters

    reggie29's poster is from Shepton Mallet 1970 there is a wider shot of the stage in black and white out there somewhere which believe it or not shows me sitting on the crash barrier,at the tender age of 18, i used to have it but lost in the mists of time,can anyone help please
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