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  1. For me it was Led Zepp 4 will all the glory in it. The next one was 3, then 2, then TSRTS, then HOTH (which was a huge disappointment), Physical Graffiti (which I thought was only ok) then Presence, 1, ITTOD, CODA (which is crap). When I think of Zepp, it's always 4 and the solo on STH. But also Four Sticks - I think that absolutely RULES? Full of Tolkeinistic mysticism and high-end Plant vocs. Anyone else got any thoughts on their experiences? - Kate
  2. Stairway to heaven. This was the first time my boyfriend introduced me to his then girlfriend and the three of us had a hell of a time. She was a Black Dog too. LOL!!
  3. I was thinking along the same lines reading this stuff. Backwards masking? - you gotta be kidding guys. What you need is some good lovin', Kate style!! It ain't no bong I LURVE to suck....
  4. Oh yeah, and anybody here understand German? Weird
  5. For me my friends it's always STH and the solo in it.
  6. Hi. I listened to STH live and studio and it's the same person playing the solos. His name is Jimmy Page. The End! - Kate
  7. That guitar solo is pretty spot-on ain't it, that guy on youtube? Not sure if I buy the whole Jimmy-didn't-actually-play-it concept? Really? I agree he didn't actually play it note for note on stage but was that because he actually couldn't do it? I went back and looked at the Third Eye dvd of the O2 gig (y'all know when it was!) and sure enough he didn't (butI'd say couldn't) play it then. Jimmy cut out the dead space between the fanfare bit and the solo that he usually played in live versions and went straight for the killer solo, but he really screwed it up because he played an out of tune note that he fixed there and then but the damage had been done. A case of The Fingers And The Damage Done! His solo was ^nice^ but there was certainly nothing heavenly about it. Whatcha think? BTW, don't want to offend any of my Zepp bretheren out there, in here, or wherever in Cyber Space you all exist, so go down easy on me! Anyway, guitar players like Jimmy are damn sexy and anyone who can play like him, even the guy on youtube gets my thumbs up. Just think of all the training that took. I wonder what else he can play just like the original. Hey, what we need here is Jimmy Page to get onto this here discussion and set the record straight. Well, this is the second and longest time I've posted here. Kinda weird to be talking to so many fans. How many women fans apart from me are there anyway? - Kate
  8. Hi guys, I'm new here! How y'all doing? Great to stumble upon this board. I'm new to computers relatively but a Zepp head true and true. Just gonna see if this thing posts!
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