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  1. Perhaps, but its a strange coincidence then that the festival will be held 40 years to the day of Zep playing the 1970 Bath Blues festival at the Shepton Mallet showground; The festival which inspired Michael Eavis to start his own.. 2010 is also is the 40 years anniversary of Glasto starting... So glastonbury 2010 is not so 'ordinary' after all... The Led Zep rumour keeps getting wheeled out year after year, but as rumours go having Robert Plant mention glasto seems a bit more solid than the usual ones And I've got tickets... !
  2. I think a lot of the reported dates are plain daft; But there maybe some truth in they may play these venues - I am guessing 2009 - Such a large undertaking would need a big preproduction period , and going by Jimmy's previous interviews about ensuring that they are well rehearsed. I guess robert will want a big rest after his current tour and then ease into rehearsing again. I think by Nov/Dec we will have a bit more info and perhaps some DVD or show to keep the appetite up; Zeppelin are masters of keeping the spin rolling to their benefit with an air of mystery and rumours, such as
  3. Strikes me if you want a perfect version listen to an album; However if you want a version which adapts and changes depending on feel, creativity, and how the audience reacts then go and see a live show; Its a sad day if fans are critical because the band are not note perfect to the album? Me I am all for improvisation and changing things on live versions , even in error - it makes every show different otherwise 'real' music ceases to exist and they might as well turn up for a PA and mime!
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    Ahh yes here it is http://led-zeppelin.org/news/index.php?m=2008news Robert Plant Scheduled for 46664 From: QUEENZONE.COM 2008.04.23 Robert Plant is scheduled to appear on June 27, 2008 at London's Hyde Park for a concert celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday. What is interesting about this article is that "Robert Plant and special guests" will perform. Of course, this is mere speculation as to whom these special guests might be. - He also did the one in Norway 2005
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    May not be from London - there are events going on globally - may be a satellite link from LA Maybe dreaming but I was sure I saw RP mentioned as part of the event - Will try and find the link
  6. Sure, and post Live aid/hall of fame apart we have had this off/on reunion world tour talk for years The O2 gig changed my perception of the potential for a full blown tour;- The timing is probably as good as your going to get - I harp back to the relevance of the anniversary knebworth gigs; RP is certainly feeling creative with his current project- And the others seem keen as you ( i think) pointed out with a report of a recording / rehersal session excluding RP; However I personally wouldn't read anything into his absence as quite often a vocalist will be sitting twiddling thumbs on so
  7. Having seen other bands do this sort of thing, It's typical kidology of a band that wants to make a comeback... Test the water.. Through some whispers into the arena... keep in the news... basically wait until they are ready but in the meantime dripfeed us with 'rumour's' via third parties, - Even if they are keeping schumm or even denying wanting to be involved ... as I said by next summer there will be some big anniversary type gigs
  8. Come on, I think people are missing the point They WILL do it..... Just stretching the guessing out until the punters are at fever pitch I bet a US tour and the return to europe which will culminate in two shows at knebworth house on or around August 4 and 11th 2009 , exactly 30 years from the original dates with a big line up supporting All the signs are there, just wait and see
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    Its obvious they are going to tour; Thirty years and all that.... I guess they may have a suprise shot at a few songs at the nelson mandela concert to whet the appetite Following this there will be a drip drip of info/rumours from those close to the band Then the tour will be announced I bet they will culminate the tour with two special festival type dates at Knebworth House on in August 2009 exactly thirty years to the day of the classic original shows This will be a dream for me - Missed the original shows but experienced a wet and happy comeback from Deep Purple there- one
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