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  1. Hey Mercedes. Nothing to do with you. they all know who I am and my past. Nice to meet you .
  2. I dont mean to sound insensitive, but sometimes I think I get numb to all these passings. At least he lived to a decent age, unlike Bonzom, Lennon and Moony. I hope I go before Page and Plant, because if something happend to one of them, I would feel like I lost a member of my family.
  3. And not to mention a real arrogant bitch to boot.
  4. Just heard it on my local rock station. Seems like almost every day lately someone famous is passing away. Whether it be music or hollywood.
  5. Well certainly the Lakers beat the better teams to get here. Boston had trouble with Cleveland. The only reason this might be a series is that Boston has home court advantage. I still think the Lakers will beat them in the end.
  6. Madonna isn't worthy to tie Jimmy Page's shoes. I cant see Robert and Jimmy liking her. Just cant see it. I can't stand her. She is arrogant. Didnt she try to basically fry that fan that didnt really do anything to her?
  7. with all the shit Ive lost in my life including women and a wife, somehow I managed to keep this for 31 yrs. Truly must be divine intervention.
  8. Why dont you all hook up Spats with Gainsbarre and we will all be happy ever after?? They deserve each other. Two boys that are like two teenage girls.
  9. George Harrison, God rest his blessesd soul, had it right in the album "Living in the Material World". One of my favorites by all ex Beatles. Sue me Sue you Blues was the song. If you can sue over a hot cup of coffee at McDouchbags, you can sue over anything. In the words of Don Henley "lets kill all the lawyers"!!
  10. Wow. Maybe you should look in the mirror?
  11. I went back thirty pages and could find nothing on Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fogarty's birthday was yesterday. Any fans of them? I saw him on a tv concert recently and he was great. Songs like Proud Mary and Bad Moon Rising are amoung some of many damn good songs.
  12. Not really fair to compare them to the Allman Bros as you are comparing hard rock to southern rock. I dont think you can really say one band was the BEST American Band ever. You could narrow it down to several. Allman Bros, Eagles, Aerosmith, and CCR? And do you consider Henrix to be an American band? And lets not forget the Beach Boys. They were great!
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