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  1. I saw them in Champaign/Urbana, Il a few years ago. Since I'm too young to have ever been able to see Zep live and wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket to O2, it was the closest I've been to a Zeppelin concert. I agree about the singer, but I found as the show went on, my ear got more and more accustomed to him. There were times I *almost* forgot I was at a tribute band concert and just enjoyed myself. They did a great rendition of Lemon Song. They even did the little acoustic set from the dvd of Going to California and That's the Way. At that point, the singer had Plant's mannerisms down to a science. Hey, for $10 and a few beers, it was a great experience. I've wanted to see them again ever since!
  2. I've been a lurker since sometime last Fall and have been keeping up with most of the news, the reviews of those of you who were lucky enough to go to the show last December and finally decided to create an account. So, a bit about me. I've loved Zep since I was in 8th grade. I first heard Black Dog the summer before that year and hated it. In fact, I made fun of anyone who listened to the music. Then I heard Stairway, decided to give IV another go and ended up loving it. I'm 31 now and I still can't get the Led out (would I want to?). My name's Brian, I'm from Central Illinois, work for a huge insurance company, I've lived abroad in Europe (Spain) and traveled all over. Spaniards don't get Zep I'm afraid. They like the Stones a lot, but not Zep. That's something I don't understand. Other than The Hammer, I love watching/playing baseball, traveling, excercise, and lurking these forums. Now I guess I'll be posting. Oh, and I promise not to spam the board with false reports about the latest news on a Zep reunion. Unless I hear it from Plant, I'm not buying it.
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