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  1. I agree...no one went in their expecting them to be like when they were in their 30's....we went in going to see the elder gods that they are now...in a sense even better spiritually....it was a fantastic fucking show and they were dead on...I spent a lot $$$ on this trip and it was worht every freaking penny and more.....Bonzo must be looking down ponding his chest...Jason was sick (from some far shots that are little blurred on youtube he looks like his old man to the tee)....Page was on fire and having the time of his life (loved the drool too)...JPJ was a freaking warrior....see that look in his eyes...eye of the tiger....the ultimate pro....and of course Robert....he seemed to get more and more into with each song......one of the best days of my life and I hope more good times are to come....on Dec. 10 at the O2.....LED ZEPPELIN ROCKED.....20,000 smiles..... :D

    Yes Yes Yes. I am so happy you had a good time. Didnt you sell of your Les Paul or something to go lol. I wish I were a fly on the wall right now...

    Rolls>> :wacko:

  2. zeprolls, your mastery of the quote function is quite impressive. :rolleyes:

    apparently you slept through that lesson, eh? :P


    Takes too much energy, YAWN/////

    Brrr it's cold in here....shit I was just defending MOA. A bit nipply I say.

    Rolls>> :wacko:

  3. I wish that members would not be so secretive about where they are from and what there gender is and would give some remarks about their likes and soforth. It seems nobody wants to take the time to build their profile. What is the big secret about what city or state or country you live in? Its not like anyone knows your phone number or where you live exactly. It is nice to know where someone is when you talk to them.

    This is where sending them a PM comes in. Just PM someone and ask them. At least that's what I do :D

    Rolls>>> :wacko:

  4. you have been reported for insulting and horrible insults. :angry:

    You bath at night if at all...I lived with you lmao. You started this by something about a nose and teeth and paying for things, not I I I. if anyone wants to see a recent pic, well I will email it to them personally. Now shove off ok? You lied about so many things already nobody trusts you....visiting Robert Plants Cottage for one....

    It is not our fault your a liar Pb, get some help. You need it. I forgave you a million times to be hammered again and again and again. But I will load up with solicitors if need be.


  5. Since Pavoratti is no longer of this world, Vittorio is the best choice of tenors. He's young, he's hot, he can sing "pop" as beautifully as opera, he could hold his own with Page. He's second only to Robert Plant in my book -- can ya tell? :D And Pavoratti was in fact his mentor. If you like the tenor voice, check him out:


    Hiya Angel,

    How are you luv? Never listened to much Opera, maybe I will give it a go///

    Rolls>> :wacko:

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