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    Please ask me first? May the spirits bring you peace, love and bliss@@@@<br />edk/zandorit
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    Looking Glass Falls Asheville Sliding Rock Asheville Chimney Rock Asheville Biltmore House 1 Biltmore House 2
  2. Single. Good thing too. I have no idea why society thinks everyone should be married? Anyone? Rolls>> That reminds me I need to change my My Space. I am just back in the dating scene, soooo.
  3. Yes Yes Yes. I am so happy you had a good time. Didnt you sell of your Les Paul or something to go lol. I wish I were a fly on the wall right now... Rolls>>
  4. Only if your into orgies?
  5. Yeah, Takes too much energy, YAWN///// Brrr it's cold in here....shit I was just defending MOA. A bit nipply I say. Rolls>>
  6. This is where sending them a PM comes in. Just PM someone and ask them. At least that's what I do Rolls>>>
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