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    Please ask me first? May the spirits bring you peace, love and bliss@@@@<br />edk/zandorit

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  1. You bath at night if at all...I lived with you lmao. You started this by something about a nose and teeth and paying for things, not I I I. if anyone wants to see a recent pic, well I will email it to them personally. Now shove off ok? You lied about so many things already nobody trusts you....visiting Robert Plants Cottage for one.... It is not our fault your a liar Pb, get some help. You need it. I forgave you a million times to be hammered again and again and again. But I will load up with solicitors if need be. edk/zandorit
  2. Your looking good, like the T-Shirt . Rolls>>>
  3. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for the pic...
  4. Awww, she is so nice...we are lucky to have you with us manders danders...I have missed tons too. Wasn't feeling well after a ton of stress and just rested a bunch. Now after a boatload of coffee I will be good as new. Anyone know of a really good web host? I have just been screwed over by a crew who calls themselves Lunar Hosts or Lunar Pages. I like speed, a nice C Panel and plenty of room on a Linux server . Cheers, Rolls >>>
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