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  1. I know what you mean Chris. After the initial shock and tears for Bowie, my mind started thinking that if I feel this strongly about him what am I gonna do when it's.........sorry, I can't even bear to name names...you know who some of the rock Gods I hold highest are. Sure wish I were back in Washington right now where I have a nice stash of cannibis at home, LOL. As fate would have it, I'm presently across country at my college town, right at the heart of where I spent endless hours enjoying Bowie as well as all the great 70s bands.
  2. He's good. I used to enjoy Icehouse, the Australian band heavily influenced by Bowie. I'm sure you're familiar with them.
  3. Exactly how I feel, on all you said. I thought it was some kind of bad joke when I heard this morning. Tears have been shed today.
  4. Plus Jason included lots of personal home movies and stills of his father in his Zeppelin tribute tour a couple years back. I feel that would have been the time to share some wedding footage if he had so desired.
  5. Rick, I think you may be talking about changing the theme? If so, that feature is at the very bottom of the page (scroll way down until you can't scroll no more). There are 2 themes to choose from, try them both and see which you prefer.
  6. How did the edibles work for you TypeO? I've been experimenting with them here at home and sometimes there is such a long lag time before they kick in that I don't know if I am high or just sleepy so I go to bed which is not cool for a Rush concert LOL. Do you have any specific recommendation?
  7. You're gonna love Vegas kingzoso! I have relatives in the Vegas area but am staying at the MGM Signatures Hotel that night for convenience in meeting up with other fans either before or after the concert. Initial plans are already being made on a Facebook page, I will fill you in on details as the date draws closer. As a fellow avid Rush fan (and Pink Floyd too, may I presume? LOL) I will be thrilled with any setlist they choose.
  8. I don't have to tell you to enjoy the show kingzoso, I know you are! Did you say you're going to the Vegas concert too? I will be at that one, am attending 3 in fact all in one week, all are floor seating -- Seattle, 14th row on Geddy's side San Jose, 23rd row straight down the middle so we will call that in front of Neil Las Vegas, 12th row on Alex's side. Pretty sweet, eh? Also plan to do edibles like TypeO said so that makes it doubly sweet. LOL Life is beautiful. And thank you luvlz2 for posting all the goodies in this thread, the setlists, vids and such. The spoilers/no spoilers camps at the official Rush website forum get too overwhelming for me so I don't visit there too often these days. Would enjoy meeting anyone here that will be at any of those shows.
  9. I was surprised with the optimistic ending too Strider, pleasantly so. I liked this finale a lot, there was resilience and strength of character shown by all. And am sad to see the end of the era. I lived and loved the 60s and think it would be interesting to see what Mad Men would have become in the 70s. Sally at front of stage at a Led Zeppelin concert perhaps?
  10. Led Zeppelin was the final question on Jeopardy last night. The category was Album Covers and the answer was (paraphrasing) "This cover depicts the Hindenburg incident on their eponymous debut album". And Alex Trebek made sure he came off as cool and hep when he prefaced the contestants' answers by saying "this is one of those throwaway finals that everyone will get right" and then correcting one of the contestants on her mispelling, haaa.
  11. I like the way that Pete Townshend himself describes the similar creative process for both bands on pages 182-183 of his memoir, Who I Am: There was a creative lull from me after Tommy, caused by the tumultuous fl ood of shows after its initial release, then Woodstock, and the mounting wave of enthusiasm triggered by the Woodstock movie. There was no time for me to form ideas for songs, and I had little energy left after our sets to sit around and play guitar. However, towards the end of every Who show I would play a few phrases fi nger-style, often down on one knee, with the audience silent, waiting for the explosion to come. On a single hearing, Keith and John chimed in powerfully, playing as though we’d been rehearsing the improvisation for a month. We were tight, coordinated and riffing in such a way that all Roger had to do was throw in a few moans and screams, pose gorgeously, and we were full on. Anything worth repeating I used in subsequent shows; then, over a week or so, Roger or I would come up with proper lines to sing. In this way we were developing new songs on the stage – and also inventing a new form of rock, though we didn’t really understand this at the time. Led Zeppelin later used a similar formula; I don’t know if they were as freestyle as we were, but the effect was similar.
  12. That's Cool with a capital C! Hope you don't mind if I post it on the Rush Forum.
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